Projection … and reversals

Projection. Patriarchy is founded on it. I am convinced that if you listen to menz talk, all the shit that they say about FABs, is really the truth about them.

This post was inspired by a comment Linda Radfem made; “we have the trope about women using pregnancy to entrap men. It’s the fucking other way around.”

Absolutely. If teh poor menz were so damn worried about ‘some evil woman out to trap them’ then the solution is easy, slap a fucking rubber on his dick. Works like 98% of the time. But they won’t, getting a dude to wear a condom is like extracting teeth, or taking a cat to the vet.

It is far more likely that it is the woman who is ‘trapped by pregnancy’, or at the very least is inconvenienced and worried/stress about the possibility of it. Nigel can easily skip off into the sunset if he does not want to stick around (so much for being trapped). Or, if Nigel decides he wants to make his gf more committed to him, well, accidents do happen right? Who is ‘trapped’ in that scenario?

Impregnation is an important tool of MABs to either entrap or ‘punish’ FABs. Entrapment is an MAB projection, they could easily not get ‘trapped’ if they didn’t want to.

Sluts and whores. Given that menz are the ones wanting to stick their dick into everything and anything, and there is the old double standard that a dude is allowed to go around shagging, but women should remain chaste, who are the real sluts and whores? Given that FABs can easily be labelled a slut if they sleep with even two or three dudes, and a dude can shag a thousand women and still not get called a slut. Don’t even get me started on cruisin’ gay dudes. Projection, again.

Women smell? Jeez, it is far more likely that a dude will stink one way or another. Projection.

Heterosexuality and het coupledom is natural? Not a chance, given the 24/7 propaganda campaign (aimed at females) to make this ‘natural’ situation occur. Throw in a bit of preganancy entrapment above, and the situation looks anything but natural. The only ones who really want the het coupledom are the males, who want a 24/7 maid and freebie whore, and not because they are particularly heterosexual either. It is the dudes that really get the most benefit out of het coupledom. Hell, most of them already have another girlfriend on the side before a break-up, and males generally get remarried much faster than women. Projection.

Rapists, who insist that ‘the victim did not communicate her “no” clearly enough’, when nine times out of ten, the victim would have communicated both verbally and bodily that ‘sex’ was unwanted (hence rape). Most of the other common rape myths are all projection as well. Including the ‘many women secretly want to be raped’ – no, but most dudes would like to rape if they thought they could get away with it. In fact, probably all of the rape myths are a big exercise in male projection. Why else would the victim be ‘on trial’ far more than the accused?

PIV as an expression of ‘love’. Considering the woman has to take all or most of the risk in regular PIV, and males apparently cannot tell the difference between rape and PIV, PIV is more an expression of hate, domination and control. The fact that PIV is more or less mandatory, and withdrawing it is ‘withdrawing the love’ (“you don’t love me any more!!”) proves that it is less about love than the propaganda indicates. PIV as a good thing, and PIV as love, both are reversals. OK, so I broke convention there, but reversals are projections closely related cousins, if not siblings. I even had to change the post title!

What about porn? Porn is supposed to enable dudes to have a healthy outlet otherwise they would go around raping!!! Yet research shows that porn actually increases the chance of a dude to go out raping. Porn is supposed to be encouraging ‘healthy adult sexual relationships’, yet is full of clichés and stereotypes. Reversals.

Women gaining ’empowerment’ through sexiness? Hardly. There is a better chance of the women doing this being called sluts and ‘asking for it [rape]’ than any chance of getting equal pay. How about the myth that you have to get all sexxay to attract a manz? Nope, dudes will shag anything and are easy to get. See above as to who the real sluts are. Reversal, and projection.

Menz are smarter than women? Hardly. For centuries females were kept out of education, and told that their delicate little female brain could not handle the knowledge. In the latter 20th century, when the educational playing field was more level, girls outperformed boys – and that was in a climate still with a lot of sexist discrimination going on. And apparently males have trouble understanding such a little word like “no”, yet pre-schoolers can grasp its meaning. Dumb-as-fuck does not even begin to cover it. Reversals, projection.

In just about every area of sexism and discrimination against females, reversals and projection are used. You can learn a lot of the truth about males, by listening to what they say, and reversing it.

How can you tell when a man is lying? His lips are moving.

23 thoughts on “Projection … and reversals

  1. Mary Sunshine

    Well, Valerie Solanis said it so many years ago:

    Males have convinced people that men are women and women are men.

    ( from the S.C.U.M. Manifesto)


  2. elkballet

    Great post. Couldn’t agree more. I had thought a lot of that bs about women being less intelligent than men had been stopped. It’s coming back stronger than ever before. There is only one area in studies (yes one) where men outperform women in terms of brain tests, and that is the ability to mentally rotate a 3-D object in space. This tiny narrow niche isn’t really relevant to how intelligent anyone is at anything. And further, when women were trained how to do it for only a few hours, they did as well as men.

    Thanks for linking to that Diana Russell page, I’m going to scour it and use it in my rape series on pornography.


  3. elkballet

    Oh and for the education thing, its quite telling that when girls outperform the boys, it needs to be fixed and something is wrong but when boys outperform the girls it’s proof of higher male intelligence.


  4. FAB Libber

    Howdy elkballet, welcome.

    Yeah, like the boys’ underperformance is some sort of dwama and grave concern. We always knew they were getting ahead by benefiting from discrimination and sexism, and now the truth is out … they iz stoopid!


  5. radfemcrafts

    Weddings/marriage! Men love being married, benefit from being married (live-in housekeeper slave, live longer, etc.), and the patriarchy/men pretend like women love weddings and marriage. Women are bridezillas, dontcha know.

    At every wedding I’ve ever been to the people who cry are men. Men love marriage.


  6. FAB Libber

    I have a confession. I got married at 20. I cried walking down the ‘aisle’ – it was at this point I knew I did not want to do it, but it was a bit too late to back out. So sometimes the bridezillas cry too. I was divorced about 18 months later, that made me happy, and I threw a party.


  7. radicalesbian

    The quote that Mary posted was the first thing that came to mind upon reading this post. What a genius Valerie was. I intend to celebrate her birthday on April 9th.


  8. elkballet

    Re: marriage, absolutely it’s men who benefit from marriage. I mean who wouldn’t love having an enthusiastic slave to do your housework, raise your children, and who is legally available 24/7 for sex whether she wants it or not?

    There was recently a study that found that married women were on average much more depressed and prone to psychological disorders than single women and that married men were on average much happier than single men.


  9. jilla

    Why I want a wife: by Judy Syfers (Brady)

    Judy Brady was born in San Francisco, California in 1937. Brady attended the University of Iowa, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1962.
    Brady, a freelance writer, feminist, political activist, and breast cancer survivor, has written on women’s issues, abortion, education, and health issues. Her famous piece, “I Want a Wife,” was first published in the premier issue of the feminist publication Ms. magazine in 1971, and a follow-up essay, “Why I Still Want a Wife” was published in the July/August 1990 issue of Ms. magazine.


  10. ball buster

    Oh absolutely men trap women with pregnancy. Most people NEVER hear about it, though. Probably because nobody believes women if they talk about it.

    If men were so interested in not being trapped by pregnancy, they’d be clamoring for the male version of the pill. Or keeping it in their fucking pants. But we don’t see them doing that.

    I still stand by my males=24/7 fertility issue. Men know that they are fertile ALL THE TIME so there is absolutely no excuse for them. At all.


  11. FAB Libber

    Yes, put together with the 24/7 fertility of males, you would think they would be a bit more careful, if they did not want to get ‘trapped’. Condoms have been around since Roman times… (sheep’s intestines or something).


  12. Linda Radfem

    Yeah, as soon as it was noticed that girls were out-performing boys in school, then we started hearing all this shit about how the school system was designed to cater for girls. It was a crock. School was designed to foster subservience and girls are socialised to be subservient, so of course they were going to score more highly.

    I’m not sure if this fits in with your theme of projection, FAB, but what about the trope that lesbians and feminists are just women who can’t manage to get any dick. Any woman who challenges male power is accused of the crime of not being able to “get dick” when in fact getting dick is about the easiest thing in the world to do. It’s not getting it that is difficult.


  13. FAB Libber

    Any woman who challenges male power is accused of the crime of not being able to “get dick” when in fact getting dick is about the easiest thing in the world to do. It’s not getting it that is difficult.

    Yeah, LOL, it is about the easiest thing (“getting dick”), no great challenge. As you say, the bigger challenge is NOT getting it. I half mentioned it above I guess. It was all top-of-my-head stuff, and I reckon the post could have been huge if I had mentioned everything.

    Certainly lesbians, spinsters, and ex-hets are all accused of all sorts of shit, including “can’t get a manz” (LOL, bullshit), they just DON’T WANT a manz, which is the big difference.

    Kind of related to this is the supposed fussiness of dudes, you know, where they say “she’s so ugly … will never get laid…” kind of BS. Dudes will fuck anything and anyone, whether the other person wants it or not, and rarely has anything to do with aesthetic values or beauty standards. I guess this one is a reversal – they say they are fussy, but they are anything but.

    As for girls at school, perhaps obedience/subservience might have a little to do with, but I don’t think it is the main reason. Traditionally (the period when I went to school) girls were fairly actively discouraged into maths & sciences (which lead into the higher paid professions). Even during this time (I went to a co-ed high school for the first few years) the girls were the top 10% of the class, even with all the discouragement. I was one of them, in maths, and I was not either obedient or subservient, it was just maths was so piss-easy for me, I barely even had to pay attention.

    The more likely reasons are that dudes are generally dumber, a fact that was not noticed when they made up most of the classes (in the time when girls were excluded), and of course, a lot of prestige was given to these fields when male-dominated. And the only way dudes can ‘excel’ was via discriminatory practises, once most of those were lifted, the truth sort of leaked out. There was a lot of inter-classroom preference too, Dale Spender wrote about it in “Invisible Women”.


  14. jilla

    Men of any calibre can succeed in anything. Society hands it to them. Not uncommon to see loser, uneducated men in labour and trades type jobs (without tickets which is at least some achievement) making a lot of money, while sister or girlfriend with a university education, groomed, well-mannered, accomplished in other ways, making minimum wage casual at Starbucks. Men have to be such total losers to fail. Women just have to be FAB.


  15. maggie

    Two ‘well known’ reasons why a women can’t get a man. She’s *afraid* of the big, bad dick. She’s frigid.

    The myth that men are fussy about who they shag is hilarious. Men will fuck anything, including as was so rightly pointed out in another post, a park bench (PIB). I’m awaiting the story of ‘man found having sex (PIB) with the back end of a bus’ any day now – with a picture of an actual bus to accompany the article.


  16. ball buster

    LOL well jesus if men are sticking their dicks into metal pipes and knots in trees, to accuse a woman of “not being able to get dick” kind of flops, doesn’t it?


  17. FAB Libber

    Comment by VP over at BB’s:

    veganprimate says:
    April 13, 2011 at 5:58 am

    The thing is, all the love, romance, commitment, etc. is all coming from the woman. Men, on the other hand, do only see their marriage as an exchange of commodities. They are not emotionally invested. Women are tricked by all the happily-ever-afters and til-death-do-us-parts they see in movies, TV, and all the fairy tales they are read as girls.

    That’s how women get suckered into engaging in something which benefits men much more than women. And then you get the patriarchal reversal again: all the men on sitcoms nattering about how terrible it is to be married, implying that marriage is women’s idea and that marriage benefits women to the man’s detriment. A complete reversal.


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