Census 2011 – delightfully twanzphobic!

OK, so I actually got around to filling out the census form that should have been filled in yesterday. Well, gimme a break, it was a busy day with the clocks going forward an hour – I did manage to set one out of the four to the new time. About my average efficiency in such matters.

So, by the time I get to Page 7 of the census form, lo and behold, what do I see?

Yep, straight after name, it asked me for my SEX!

Yes that’s right, SEX, not GENDER, not how I identify myself in Special Snowflake Land, not if I like the colour pink and like pretty things, SEX. Biological sex, not gender roles.

Now, being a helpful sort of person, I thought I should help Twanz fill out their form (yeah, posting this before 27 March probably would have been more helpful). So here we go.

I was even so extra-helpful, I put some additional hints in Question 2. I filled out the form for Miss Lulu Fifi-Belle Männlich-Frau, born on April Fools’ Day, 1950.

By gawd I am a helpful sort… 😛

12 thoughts on “Census 2011 – delightfully twanzphobic!

  1. jilla

    “Persons having male to female gender reassignment surgery retain a prostate. … All but a stump of the penis is removed ” some ick surgery site I won’t link.

    See? Sad little problem. Females don’t have prostates.


  2. Mary Sunshine

    Yes. It’s unfair to the prostate that it gets left behind. Why doesn’t it get taken out, too?

    Oh …. because that’s the part of a male that triggers orgasm. But it’s uniquely male. Rats!


  3. Aileen Wuornos

    You know I noticed at my work the other day the toilet doors don’t say “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” or “Men” and “Women” – they actually say “FEMALES ONLY” and “MALES ONLY” if you’re thinking what I’m thinking B1…



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