52 thoughts on “Open thread #4

  1. FAB Libber

    Do the male astronauts have to have a cheerleader background too?
    Here was me thinking sciencey stuff was to do with bwainz, not how hawt you looked in short-shorts. Perhaps the MRAs should be protesting NASA’s Cheerleading Squad (seriously, wtf, NASA have their own squad?) as being so unfaaaair to menz coz they don’t look as hawt in short-shorts.

    I guess poor NASA will forever be moaning as to why “they just don’t have enough girls women in NASA, why why why?”. Especially when they have gone out of their way to make girls women so welcome by allowing them to express their hawtness with their own cheerleading squad.

    what the fuckity fuck fuck


  2. FAB Libber

    Just to let you all know, if there is a delay in responding, it is because I have a rather shitty internet connection that “feels like a woman” (in that about each month or four weeks, it has it’s period). Today has been one of those days. It will be fine in a few days. I have no fucking idea why it does it each month, it is usually at the start rather than the end of the month. Guess it came early this month!


  3. radfemcrafts

    Oh good, an open thread. I need to do a braindump. This is old but my first time reading it:

    Point four is making me insane with anger. It’s not your job to fix the patriarchy! It’s your job to make it stronger. By making a mockery of women. Yay! Cis women oppress you! Hooray for making their lives worse.

    I also need to get this bullshit off my chest:

    First of all, you give an entire page to a store? You can make your site an ad for consumerist oppressive-sex bullshit and still call yourself a radical? WTF. As for the post itself, apparently reforming society into Greater Fabulousness is RADICAL? AM I HEARING THIS RIGHT?

    I am feeling stabby.


  4. Sargasso Sea

    This is a long one. Thanks for the space Your Nessiness!

    I do some radfem *trench work* on a forum where women who are exiting/have exited fundamentalist religious sects (Hello right wing women!) are exploring the damage done to them by The Patriarchy and are trying to learn to think for themselves. It took me about a year to get them to realize that patriarchy exists OUTSIDE the church too (!), that it is everywhere. That’s a hard truth for these women especially; they thought that they’d set themselves free then I come along and crap on their parade. I kind of hate to do it but they are so incredibly vulnerable to fucking neo-atheist dudebros like *feminist* Evo-bio-crapo messiah and head neo-atheist dudebro himself, PZ Myers (dick,dick,dick), that I simply can’t help myself!

    So now I am focusing more heavily on the porn front. You’d think THAT would be the easy sell, but as we all know, it’s not. They hate me for the porn talk more than anything else.

    Recently one of the men on the forum brought the ongoing gang rape of the 11 year old girl in Texas up for discussion in a thread entitled: Rape Culture. And, gee, I just love it when MEN ‘splain to us all about how awfwuwz tah rapez iz and how this *culture* of rape is soooo inexplicable.

    Anyway the women were all wondering just what would put such terrible thoughts into those poor boys’ heads so I tell them it’s porn and their heads explode. This happens every time.

    The following is one of the more *intelligent* responses after the attempts to shut me the fuck up:

    Again, just so everyone knows: I am not going to stop saying that there is a connection between rape (rape culture) and pornography when it is appropriate to the discussion. – SargassoSea

    I guess what bothered me is that you are just asserting a statement as thought [sic] it is true, and without offering any proof. You just assert it. Now, given my background, I don’t take that from anyone. Nope, sorry, you can’t just say that this is how it is and expect me to say “oh! now I understand!” You have to give evidence from credible sources, and you have to be able to refute counterarguments and evidence that runs contrary to your assertion. If you actually have evidence (and note the word “credible”), I’d be happy to look at it. And again, I have no problem with people holding views different from mine, I just don’t like it when other people assert they have THE TRUTH and nothing is going to change their mind, dammit. So, yeah.

    So, yeah? So yeah WHAT?


  5. FAB Libber

    Given that the main themes in porn are rape, power, violence, domination and menz orgasms… gee, I wonders what the actual connection to rape culture & porn might be?

    Rocket science apparently.


  6. Sargasso Sea

    Hahhahaha! Rocket science!

    My main nemesis there is actually studying to BE a rocket scientist. For real.


  7. FAB Libber

    LOL, perhaps your nemesis should consider another line of work?
    Umm, factory process line worker? Nothing too brain challenging anyway. Might hurt bwainz.


  8. jilla

    It’s not perfect, but a wedge. The Mennonite Church has an active anti-porn/anti-addiction program. Maybe, the vid or audio would be heard by those who will listen to Christian voices.


  9. Mary Sunshine

    Hi Jilla,

    Yeah, I saw that this morning. It’s been a depressing day, to the extent that I allow myself to read the news. 😐


  10. FAB Libber

    From Jilla’s link:

    Hard-hitting and provocative, this powerful expose of the birth of a new ‘disease’ – and the multi-million dollar machine unleashed to market – takes us inside the corridors of medical power from Paris to Melbourne to Manhattan to witness the creation of ‘female sexual dysfunction’ as a twenty-first century epidemic.
    The characters in this corporate thriller are the global drug giants, the doctors and psychologists working with them, and the critics trying to untangle medical science from marketing who argue the new disorders of desire are a misleading and dangerous distraction from the real problems in sexual relationships.
    With claims that nearly one in two women suffer from ‘female sexual dysfunction’, some of the most profitable corporations on the planet are poised to exploit some of women’s deepest fears with hopes for new billion dollar markets.
    Set against the great cultural contradictions of our time – increasing sexual liberation coupled with seemingly increasing sexual anxiety – Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals explores with compelling clarity what is really happening as the world prepares for the ‘pink’ Viagra.

    Yeah, well they can shove that pink viagra where the sun don’t shine.

    Again, this CLEARLY shows that PIV as ‘teh bestest thing eva’ for recreation is a big fat lie. I don’t expect to be able to skip down the street at 90, and I certainly don’t want to be expected to have to either skip down the street, or engage in PIV.

    Having regular PIV is not essential to life, it is not something that needs to be ‘fixed’ when desire is no longer there. In fact, that is a lot of what is wrong with the situation now, the pressure to have and ‘enjoy’ PIV, or there is supposedly something wrong with you.

    Considering most women really do not get much out of PIV, it is not surprising that their interest (at least eventually) wanes in PIV. That is because nature designed it to be a reproductive thing, and there is little (no) reason to continue it after menopause. That is a natural thingy. It is also unnatural (for women) to desire it morning, noon and night, as recreation, because the desire is actually tied to wanting to get pregnant (nature again).


  11. FAB Libber

    Dads suing Mumsnet for discrimination. “Men can be mothers too”.
    It is an April Fool’s thing. Check out the “related stories”.
    That is why I hope the Sport going down in flames is not a joke, I hope it happened.


  12. jilla

    Great news. Better would be “and vasectomy for young males mandatory, to be done at time of first MMR shot”.


  13. jilla

    Female selected abortion highest rate in India since Partition.


    I think the rates are very high here too. Although I’m not sure how they accomplish it. There are for-profit dedicated pregnancy ultrasound clinics here now. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told by that a young woman whom I knew to be pregnant had “had a miscarriage” said with a sad puppy face (by her husband). I know better than to ask the mothers-in-law. They just stare us down. In other words “mind your own business”.


  14. Sargasso Sea

    Better would be “and vasectomy for young males mandatory, to be done at time of first MMR shot”.

    Yeah, don’t we wish?

    I’m always torn about *news* like this; it is *good* that the Welsh girls will have access to free EC but damn, the real problem is the PENIS! PENIS! PENIS!

    ARGH! *head explodes* Sorry about the mess 🙂


  15. jilla

    Yes. It’s going to be “So what’s your problem? You can get the map tomorrow. And you’ve had your Gardasil shot haven’t you?”

    Risk of systemic chemical toxicity, Guillan Barre Syndrome, permanent gyne problems, STDs and not even preventing HPV.

    It only helps with the pregnancy aspect. Which is huge, no argument. But changes the goalposts not a bit.


  16. FAB Libber

    Good news for the cat allergy sufferers.
    I must admit, I am a little allergic, but not dramatically. I just put up with it (for my kitty luv)

    On the piv/ec/hpv/std front, well, girls need the proper education, that piv just ain’t worth the risk. Nor is Nigel going to worry about her orgasm, so what’s the point, find your own clitoris and stay away from Nigels…


  17. Sargasso Sea

    OMFG, I ❤ LOL!!1!

    (how the hell does one invoke the stickie-outie-tonguie-face in WP? I’ve tried every damn way I could think of and it never works! I don’t want to look like a noob 🙂 )


  18. jilla

    Boobs in a party hat?! Luv it. You.

    I hate lol. I have used it where others use it because they use it. Like.

    I understand my intolerance this way. All my friends are mad for macro photography wherein there is one teensy point of focus and everything else is out of focus. They call it “art.” I call it uncorrectable myopia and I have to live with it, so it’s not adorable to me.

    Some call net-speak cool, I call it aphasia, and I have to live with it. So that’s not adorable to me either.


  19. FAB Libber

    From the Perth one (and yeah, I had seen that story a week or two ago, with an omg reaction) “aggravated sexual penetration without consent”
    Excuse me? wtf? Sounds a lot like rape to me…

    As for the Albany story, the male victims, compare the male victims’ treatment and support with that of the 14yo girl (only a year or two older):
    Big fucking difference.

    And what the fuckity fuck is going on in Western Australia anyway? Seems like a rapefest going on out there.


  20. Mary Sunshine

    Yeah, I saw that one. 🙂 It was totally accidental. She just wanted to sell the cable for scrap. Scrap metal recovery is a major form of economic survival for poor folks.



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