Fetish of the week: gerontophilia

I was going to start off this series with a catchy title like “there’s an app for that”, but hell, I’ll just go for a fetish of the week theme. Sexual fetishes are really the domain of males, they have a fetish for anything and everything.

Anyway, I was going to start with Delroy Grant, the 53yo from south London, dubbed the “Night Stalker” by the press, has finally been convicted and sentenced for his 17-year reign of terror on the south London elderly population.

His main thing was burglary and also rape of the elderly. In none of the reports was it ever indicated that he raped his male burglary victims, only the female ones. Just one of those ‘perks’ for having a vagina.

Burglars targeting the elderly is not new, these cowardly shits like to minimise the chance of resistance, (and in a rare moment of what-about-teh-menz) elderly men are also victims of these types of crimes. It does not always go smoothly for the burglars, and I just wanted to list a few feisty old ladies who fought back or did not give in. Hats off to them, and I so want to be them when I grow up.

Anyway, back to Grant. He is one of the few (thankfully) serial gerontophile rapists out there. He is not alone though, and there are many dudes out there that do internet searches for “granny porn” and the like, porn spam also frequently contains these links. It is probably only a matter of time before more of these serial rapists get out there and put into practice their “fantasies”. Because lawd knows, porn is not cathartic at all, and more encourages people to put into practice what they have seen in porn.

There is some pretty piss-poor ‘expert’ analysis of Grant’s gerontophilia going on. Basic radfem analysis is that rape is more about power and control. Further radfem analysis reveals that males can’t really tell much difference between rape and PIV (or they pretend not to), which puts PIV much more closely on a continuum with rape rather than its opposite end, a PIV-centric culture is just a breeding ground for rape in other words. This leaves us with rape (and PIV) being the expression of misogyny by MABs towards FABs. Nawt to do with love, and everything to do with hatred and control.

The expert interviewed on the BBC radio programme David Wilson, a Professor of Criminology, tries to fob it off on ‘cultures that have a tradition of grandparents rather than parents bringing up kids’ (nice little bit of racism) and stating that Grant was brought up in Jamaica by his grandmother (another article indicates it was an elderly aunt, presumably a great aunt). And some talk of ‘pseudo-concern’ on behalf of Grant, which frankly just strengthens the radfem case that most dudes, including the expert, put rape and PIV side by side on the continuum.

Another article supplies a few more pertinent facts about Grant, and indicates that Grant’s mother “walked out on the family when he was aged just two”,  and that he was the youngest of the three boys. No reasons why she “walked out” from her ‘deeply Christian’ husband, George Grant, but there had to be a reason (my guess domestic violence, second guess mental illness). Also that “Police have looked into his childhood to see if there is any evidence of abuse, that may go some way to explaining his sexual fascination with the elderly, but can find nothing.”

Here’s the thing. Grant was in his mid-30s during the (known) period of his offending against the elderly. That would put his mother’s age to be in this bracket when those offences started, or at least close to it, she would have been ‘towards 60ish’ at a rough guess.

My take is that he really did have mother-hatred issues for his abandonment, possibly even side issues of hating the great aunt as well – it was probably a combination of both. There is that ‘elusive’ reason or background for Grant’s raping spree, the one the police seem ‘unable to find’.

What, you need more evidence that Grant was a misogynist? OK, he was a wife beater as well. From that same article, his first wife, Janet Watson, exposes his violent nature. Again, DV is a power and control issue. This is also the ex-wife he accuses of ‘storing then planting his DNA at crime scenes‘. (The pisser at the end of that article is: Grant claimed Mrs Watson may have gone through his rubbish and found items with his DNA on it. Mr Laidlaw asked him: “Do you think you can actually see DNA?” Grant replied: “Some of it, yes.”). Yep, visible DNA, Janet Watson has amazing eyesight!

I really do not find it ‘that amazing’ that Grant is a gerontophile, after all, he is a known abuser of women and misogynist, he has just focused his rage on the woman/women that he hates the most; his mother and probably great aunt. All pretty damn logical in my book.

Oh yeah, all the friends and associates that knew him, he was a “nice guy”.

Probably because he is very dangerous to women only.

No mystery here folks, move it along.

4 thoughts on “Fetish of the week: gerontophilia

  1. FAB Libber

    Nor did it really escape my notice that Grant was a taxi driver, and the dude arrested for Sian O’Callaghan’s murder was also a taxi driver.

    Now, nearly 15 years ago, when I got a mini-cab home one night, I did have quite a stroppy cab driver that was probably about the right age as Grant. I do now wonder if it was him. He was ott on the misogyny, I was quite worried at the time.


  2. rahelle

    Painful and sickening to read. I feel like crying. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of these crimes.

    This post reminded me of this comment of Jilla’s that I found while going through the Rage Against the Manchine archives recently:

    “Elderly/senior porn. Women in their 80s, seemingly drugged, being raped while in beds. Nursing homes, chronic care, retirement homes, I assume. Pictures of anal, vaginal and oral pentration, cum-shots to the face, and in all, the women (of course it’s women) have their eyes closed and their bodies are slack, and being held in position. In some cases they are painful looking positions no woman of that age could achieve, with the preponderance of joint and arthritis damage many of them might have.

    I saw this first about six years ago, and similar, a few months ago when googling “women’s sexuality” “aging women and sexuality” and “mature women and sexuality”. I was looking for information on STD prevalence and condom use in older women.”


  3. FAB Libber

    Which would be yet another reason not to go into a nursing home.
    I don’t know why that stuff is not as illegal as child porn, clearly non-consensual.



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