Newspaper plays "hide the DV"

It is fairly obvious by the report that this woman knew her attacker in some capacity, either as a stalker or ex-partner of some kind. However, the newspaper misses the entire DV connection:

Jail for thug who kidnapped woman

A THUG who kidnapped a woman, while already on bail for breaking her jaw, has been locked up for three-and-a-half years.

Arron Farmer, 28, of Cobham Road, Westcliff, first attacked the victim as she sat in her parked car in Southend last September, Basildon Crown Court heard.

Farmer opened the door, tried to undo her seatbelt and then fractured her jaw with a single punch.

He was later charged and bailed, but in January, the day before he was due to appear in court, Farmer went to her home in South Woodham Ferrers and kidnapped her.

Police and her family were alerted when a personal alarm, which was given to her following the first attack, was activated and no trace of her could be found.

Officers launched a frantic search for the victim who was forced to drive to Southend’s seafront.

Lesli Sternberg, prosecuting, told the court: “At about 7.45pm the victim contacted her father and gave details of having been kidnapped by the defendant.

“She said she was in her vehicle outside her home at the time when the defendant smashed the front window by punching it and got into the front seat and ordered her to drive to Southend.”

They eventually parked up at Southend seafront where Farmer got out of the car and ran away. She called her dad, who called police and Farmer was soon arrested.

In mitigation, Matthew Bagnall said Farmer was sorry.

He also said during the kidnap Farmer never once mentioned the court case and there was no suggestion he was trying to intimidate the woman into not giving evidence.

In relation to the first attack, Mr Bagnall said: “He is disgusted with himself that he dealt that blow to her face.”

And, addressing the issue of the kidnap, Mr Bagnall added: “He is sorry for that, which sounds hollow and inadequate, but that’s all I can really say.”

Farmer, who admitted a charge of kidnap and causing grievous bodily harm, was given an 18-month and two-year jail term respectively. Both terms will run consecutively.

Judge Saggerson ordered a further charge of sexual assault to lie on file. Farmer was also made the subject of a ten-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim.

So basically, breaking her jaw and kidnap means he will be out on the streets again probably within a year. The Court has not treated this perpetrator with the seriousness it deserves, a broken jaw is Grievous Bodily Harm, for which he only got a two-year sentence. The biggest joke was the sentence for kidnap, a pathetic 18-month sentence.

So the Home Office and Police sit around mulling over “DV, such a huge problem, what can we do???”

Take violence against women seriously for a start. I am totally sick of seeing GBH offences against men attracting longer sentences, and GBH offences against women treated like some sort of minor inconvenience to the victim. FFS, this is not brain surgery.

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Here is another hide the DV, September 2011, as well as the headline doing a bit of hide the sex of the perp, AND the fact that she was actually murdered:

Teen ‘stabbed woman after food row’

A teenager murdered a young mother-of-two in a frenzied knife attack after a row about garlic bread, a court has heard.

Jamie Ellis stabbed Alami Gotip, 22, more than 30 times at her home in the Dedridge area of Livingston, West Lothian, while her young children were asleep upstairs.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard 18-year-old Ellis, who was in an on-off relationship with Ms Gotip, snapped because she had been “moaning at him because he had not made garlic bread for tea”.

He later told police he felt their relationship was coming to an end, and said: “I love her that much I can’t possibly imagine her with anyone else and I just thought f*** it.”

Ellis, who is being held at Polmont young offenders’ institution, now faces a life sentence after pleading guilty to murdering Ms Gotip on May 25 this year.

Ms Gotip, of Nigel Rise, Livingston, worked at the Inland Revenue and was described in court as a “bubbly and outgoing” person who loved life.

The court heard the “caring and supportive” woman helped to raise two of her siblings, who had health problems, and also helped to look after her mother.

After the death, her mother Karen McKenna told police: “Alami was my best pal, she was a mum to me, also like a sister to me.

“She’s a loss that can never, ever be replaced. She shouldn’t have been taken away from me. I loved her so much, she was a big part of my heart. I don’t know how I am going to go on without her.”

Speaking outside court, Ms Gotip’s cousin Robert McKenna, 31, said: “They should bring back the death penalty.”

5 thoughts on “Newspaper plays "hide the DV"

  1. jilla

    What a pathetic write-up. I wonder what the court docs looks like.

    As you say he’ll be out in a few months if it works as it does here. Time already spent in prison, good behaviour “I sowwy”. What’s the matter with these lawyers?


  2. FAB Libber

    Well, it’s what a pathetic system all around.
    The fact that this dude not only got light sentences for each of the charges, but those light sentences to run concurrently? Shit. And yeah, with ‘good behaviour’ and ‘time served’ this dude will be out on the streets again within the year. Partial compensation is the ten-year restraining order, however, that is only a bit of paper and won’t protect this woman, the typical ‘grudge period’ in DV cases is two-years, so this dude will still be in grudge mode when he gets out (aggrevated by the jail time). Given what has already occurred in this case, I would fear for this woman’s life.

    Considering this dude was probably already under a restraining order after he broke her jaw, and that did not stop him kidnapping her, the ten-year restraining order really does not account for much protection. That is definitely a ‘red flag’ for the dangerousness of this perp.

    On the ‘grudge period’ or stalking/harassment/danger period, although two to two and a half years is typical, some women never cease being in danger from the abuser, even after ten-years or more.


  3. Sargasso Sea

    “He also said during the kidnap Farmer never once mentioned the court case and there was no suggestion he was trying to intimidate the woman into not giving evidence.”

    Oh, sure!

    He just sort of innocently smashed out her windshield and accidentally kidnapped her so they could take a picnic by the sea, in the dark, on the eve of his court appearance for BREAKING HER JAW.

    He’s a swell guy, alright. Any girl should be happy to have him!



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