Doctor used probe like sex toy, says patient

Apologies in advance for this post, transvaginal ultrasound does come under the “ewww” category. However, a gynaecologist in NSW is currently on trial for sexually abusing his patients.

Article below, directly from

Doctor used probe like sex toy, says patient

A NEW South Wales gynaecologist looked “really delighted” as he used an ultrasound probe like a sex toy, a former patient has told a judge.

The woman, who broke down during her evidence today, said the doctor’s fingers repeatedly touched her genitalia, “at times like a caress” like you might have with a partner.

She was giving evidence in the NSW District Court at the trial of the gynaecologist, who cannot be named for legal reasons. He has pleaded not guilty to indecently assaulting five female patients under his care between June 2002 and May 2003.

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen SC told Judge Greg Woods, who is hearing the trial without a jury, that the doctor touched or manipulated the clitoris of each of the women.

“In each case that was done during the course of an internal pelvic examination of each patient,” she said.

The doctor allegedly told one woman she had built up tension and “you need to have an orgasm”.

Defence barrister John Stratton SC said the women only came forward after a massive publicity campaign which was, to some extent, orchestrated by two firms of lawyers. Significantly, he said, some of the women had returned for consultations with the doctor after the alleged assaults had taken place.

The first witness was 33 when she was referred to the doctor, whom she saw twice for gynaecological problems.

“His manner was a little unnerving, he was over-enthusiastic,” she said, adding that he had not worn gloves on her second visit.

“He fondled my labia and I did not understand why, because I had these examinations before and they had not been part of the examination,” she said.

“He was visually very focused on my genitalia, and I had never experienced that before.”

He used an ultrasound probe to examine her internally, but used it “in a very unusual manner”.

“He was using it more like a sex toy than the probe that it was designed to be,” she said.

During his examination, “he looked really delighted”, he was smiling and “the expression on his face was one of enjoyment”.

She denied Mr Stratton’s suggestion that the doctor had a glove on his left hand and that he had just brushed her genitalia.

“They were not just brushes, they were purposeful,” she said.

She also denied his suggestion that any contact with her clitoris was simply incidental to a normal examination.

She agreed she had not told the doctor to stop during the examination, but she denied deciding she had been indecently assaulted only after reading that other people had complained about him.

The trial is continuing. [end article]

I thought I would add two diagrams of abdominal vs vaginal ultrasound. Frankly, the vaginal one looks fairly limited in range. The differences between the two are supposed to be in the imaging quality (having had both, they both look like shit on the screen to my untrained eye!). Frankly I prefer the less-invasive abdominal ones.

38 thoughts on “Doctor used probe like sex toy, says patient

  1. veganprimate

    I had both recently, and I prefer vaginal simply b/c I don’t have an uncomfortably full bladder. Actually, the vaginal one was more pleasurable than some PIV I have had.

    I would never have a transvaginal ultrasound by a male technician, though. I would insist on a woman.


  2. jilla

    I had both last recently. I followed some blogger’s instructions about water intake? And I wasn’t full enough?

    Thus, the technician did a vaginal too. It does work better because ovaries can be hard to see, and you do want to see them really clearly, especially if you’re having any pelvic pain. The wand is on a very long handle, and they ask you to insert it. All is done under the sheet.

    I’m seconding VP. I would not have it done by a male.

    It’s always been very sensitively done. I think a young woman would find it difficult and may want a chaperone, no matter who the tech was.

    But you know, after so many years, and having children, you just do what must be done. That does not mean you put up with any fumbling, or insensitivity, or have a gyne exam without a nurse present. Some people seem to think that’s unnecessarily prudish. Fuck you.


  3. jilla

    Oh and that picture is inaccurate to what I had done. Their hands are nowhere near your vagina. The probe is very long, and they handle it by grasping practically near your knees. They put a “condom” sort of thing on it, and a ton of lube, and hand it to you to insert, while they turn away and prepare the monitor.


  4. FAB Libber

    There’s always a one VP, LOL.
    I don’t like the pivoting of it, which kind of proves it is not a great design for the purpose.

    Certainly the bladder fullness is an issue, but over the years I realised that many of the fill-your-bladder guides were completely over the top, and it is not uncommon for women to be told to empty some out because they are too full. You should feel fullish, but not bursting. And get to know your own body as to how quickly and how much it takes to fill the bladder. Also you can use known-waiting places to add a top-up when you arrive, particularly if you have travelled a long way.

    As for males operating the trans-vaginal, that is mainly the choice (or lack thereof) that I have had over the years. I certainly don’t like males to be in charge of such equipment. Don’t think I have ever had a female do a trans-vag, but most of it was so long ago.


  5. FAB Libber

    and hand it to you to insert
    Nope. Never had that happen.

    Length of the wand would vary by manufacturer, I have seen varying lengths.


    1. Zack DeVan

      From what I’very whitnessed the gynos ask if she would like to insert the tool themselves. My better half always has me come with her because she’s uncomfortable. It seems odd that 64% of Gynos are men.


  6. Selah

    I’ve had trans-vaginal ultrasounds done twice; one at 19 and one at 28. The first one was with a much shorter wand, and the tech inserted it. There was also a nurse present for that one, which I don’t remember them explaining at the time but I do remember assuming it was for my protection. The second time much more recently was a much longer wand that the tech asked me to insert myself and her hands were nowhere near my body as far as I knew for the whole time. A male doctor came in at one point to look at the images (sounded like standard practice, the tech wasn’t allowed to interpret it by herself) and even that had me uncomfortable with an entire blanket over me. Thank god he didn’t touch me or the wand, just looked at the monitor and explained what he saw. (all this was for PCOS, not pregnancy).

    It’s so disgusting how they use the “but she went back to him!” as part of his defense. Like when women bring rape charges against boyfriends/husbands and the fact that they didn’t “immediately leave” is evidence that they’re lying. It’s so convenient to forget the socialization of women to question our experience and trust 100% in the gods men in the the white coats. It’s commonly known among psychotherapeutic professionals that people are more likely to come forward and talk about painful realities/truths when someone else steps up first. But all of this is conveniently “forgotten” when it comes to women bringing sexual assault charges. Disgusting.


  7. Selah

    I guess I got the html wrong… that sentence up there was supposed to have “gods” with a strikethrough before “men.”

    You know, how (male) doctors have been made out to be so god-like.


  8. Sargasso Sea

    I had the vaginal only once to check my ovaries about 18 months ago; I had a female tech, *condom*, lube and self-insertion. The tech never touched anything but my knee and asked often if I was uncomfortable in any way.

    It was actually very humane and I was on state health (US) at the time.


  9. jilla

    Yes Selah. I make it sound like no problem here. But I’m as tightly wound as I can be for at least two days when I do this. The day before and the day of. Same with gyne exams. I came home and very soon crashed into bed, just from the relief of it being over, then ate my diet into next Wednesday.

    I feel so sorry for young women who do not know how to handle it or what to expect. I have never been completely comfortable, but best was when the nurse was looking at us both, and smiling at me, and asking are you ok? I don’t think it’s only for protection. It’s also thoughtful, just for comfort. My last gyne exam the nurse was so warm and caring I nearly burst into tears with gratitude for it. God. I’m how old?


  10. FAB Libber

    Selah I went in and fixed your html. 😛

    The last couple of gynae exams (just regular ones) that I have had in the UK, a female nurse was present during the prodding. I assume now, and back then also, it was because too many male gynae’s were up to no good. Over the years I have had some pervy ones that gave me the creeps. And they were ten times rougher than female ones.


  11. jilla

    We were just supposed to TAKE it at one time. Whereas men, well, they wouldn’t dream of asking them to have such exams with a woman.

    Oh God I just remembered. I started to say, “even though nothing like this above ever happened to me”…” But it DID. And I like so many women, just parked it, as something I’m being too sensitive about.

    Something like this did happen to me, and when he swiped my ovaries I orgasmed. I didn’t then know what had happened. I felt ashamed. I felt like I was a horrible person. He was just doing an exam and what did I DO!!

    I remember the look on his face. Contempt. And I knew some time after, that he had done it on purpose.

    I swear to God when I was typing here, I remembered this. Not a never remembered memory, but just one I had put away for shame. That was rape, by gyne.

    I have been punched in the abdoman by a female gyne. I have had it insinuated there was something wrong with me for wanting a female gyne, by a female GP. I have been offered “lube” (post menopause) in a cold and contemptuous voice, with her back turned to me. I have had a female GP say “for everything a season”, meaning, you’re an old woman. I have been called “filth”. That latter too, by a woman GP.

    God I’m just brimming with cis-privilege.


  12. jilla

    So what I was starting to say before my suppressed memory just rocketed in there is:

    Why should we be expected to have these exams without a chaperone? Have it implied there is something wrong with us for wanting one? That perhaps we are implying something bad about the doctor if we want a nurse there?

    Because we are women, and we are supposed to tolerate any manner of loss of privacy and self, in medical exams, and in sex. They define it. We tolerate it. The humiliation and self-lose we experience then, these things would be unthinkable for men to suffer, but we are women anything men do to us is acceptable, and we are pathetic, prudish, implying something bad, or thinking a gyne exam has something to do with sex, childish, if we want a nurse there.

    I didn’t ask last week. I was afraid to. She came in before he did and stayed. That should be the rule.

    Yeah. I thanked her after. I grabbed her hand and fervently thanked her.


  13. FAB Libber

    Another bit of the trial:
    Giving evidence yesterday, one of the women described how on her second visit he put his hand inside her vagina and ”squeezed something inside me”, causing immense pain.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    ”He said, ‘You need to relax, you need to de-stress, you need to have an orgasm,”’ the woman, 41, said.

    She ”stormed” out of the room, telling the receptionist, ”I’m not paying for that.”

    Good on her for refusing to pay! 😛


  14. jilla

    I had a long rant here and took it out. I think it’s a complete myth, the propagation of which will hurt young women who then do not expect it, that women doctors today are any different than their medical education taught them to be: women hating, finding women’s genitally “dirty and disgusting” and because of the that often not doing thorough exams. I think a lot of that would be alleviated with a nurse in the room. Of course, not always. But I give them no stars for what I’ve experienced and heard, over and above their male colleagues. They are the medical profession equivalent of the Paglias.


  15. ball buster

    The man, who cannot be named, […]

    Why not?? Or is this the AU equivalent to the US use of “alleged”? This man’s good name is worth more than a woman’s right to know if she’s inadvertently strolling through the office doors of a sexual predator?



  16. joy

    Sargasso Sea, I’m on state health care right now, where did you have those good exams?!

    I have mine at a Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn. If PP stays open, I’m still going to go, even if I move upstate. My doctor’s name is Bernadette Kane, if anyone’s ever in NYC and needs a humane, woman-friendly exam. (She’s done my yearlies and also treated me for a severe, persistent bladder infection that male doctors told me was all in my head.)


  17. Sargasso Sea

    Illinois. And it was through a foundation associated with a small, but very modern public hospital. With one exception (I’m talking to you, Dr. Richard Dick!) I had excellent care for the treatment of my very early stage cervical cancer and related issues. Alas, I live in Illinois no longer and have no idea yet what’s on offer in my new, undisclosed location. 😦

    The mother of a long lost friend of mine was (is still?) the director of a PP upstate way. She was (is still, I hope!) a lovely woman.


  18. joy

    Yeah, Jilla!

    Do we even need to do pelvic exams if we’re not having heterosex? I think that whole “every year” thing just supposes that we ARE having heterosex.


  19. rhondda

    Ever since my former male doctor said that a yearly examination was “maintenance” I started to question it. He always asked if I was sexually active. Since males always think that means PIV, I started to think about this ‘maintenance thing.’ What am I a car? Well, yes that is the reductionist medical idea. We are just mechanical objects. Hello? The body is an amazing organism. The medical model has made it a mechanical thing. No, no, no. We give our personal power to these fucking experts, who have no idea and use fear of disease to make us return every fucking year. There is a thing called the power of suggestion. I am not saying that disease is not real, but I am saying that it is used by the medical establishment to control women.
    That is why I have been taking herbal courses and finding other solutions to whatever ails me. It amazes me how women capitulate to the male medical model, especially with regards to so called ‘female problems.’


  20. jilla

    If you have *ever* had piv, or someone’s hand in you, or intimate skin to skin contact, you can contract HPV. Maybe others? I don’t know. But cervical cancer for example, takes about 25 years to develop. So a child who had been sexual abused could from that one incident, whether from a male or a female abuser, contract it, if the abuser had it, on their genitals or hands. Lesbians can give it to each other. I don’t know if they would have had to have PIV or been heterosexual to do that, but HPV can be spread that way.


  21. jilla

    I don’t think any scans are necessary unless you are having a problem. My recent tests were to have a look at an existing, and possibly recurring, problem.

    No scan prevents disease. Having regular scans is just a way for the medical profession to pump up their income, and fear-monger you.


  22. rhondda

    Jilla give me a break. All sexual contact can potentially cause problems. Paranoia much. Scans of course do not prevent disease. What are you saying?
    What I am saying is that living is a medical problem for doctors and they make it a disease, so they can control you by fear of disease. It is the fear we have to look at, not some potential of it.


  23. maggie

    They do control you by the fear of the disease. I reckon given your yearly exams you are from USA. There is no way that’s even necessary, unless you are under a consultant already for a chronic condition (and I include cancer in that).

    Do the menz go for yearly check ups? NO WAY, (no one gets to touch their privates unless it’s really serious). And even then.. Yet they give the women the fracking diseases in the first place. You walk into a consultants room in possession of a womb, cervix and ovaries and the consultant goes ‘Keerrrching’. Women are walking wallets to doctors.


  24. rhondda

    No Maggie, I live in Canada and this is how doctors here make their money– by convincing people of the need for constant check-ups. Contrary to the common belief, we do pay for our medical, but of course it is reduced as we don’t pay for every visit at every time. It comes from a government enforced payment. Do not think that ‘socialist medicine’ is free. The medical establishment control it. They feed each other by recommending consultations with specialists. People are so afraid of their own bodies, they buy into this shit. I know a woman who goes to the doctor at least once a month for whatever thing she can think of. She thinks it is free. Well for her it is as she is on her husband’s medical. I do not begrudge those who can’t pay and I wish I could allocate my payment for them, but it so fucking pisses me off when it is women who could afford more take advantage of it. I fucking pay for her. But, personally I would rather consult a herbalist, but that is not paid for by medical for guess who controls it all. The new priests of the patriarchy.


  25. joy

    rhondda, hell yeah!

    I do all that herbal, “witchy” stuff too. The only reason I ever went to a “yearly” at all (which, I went about every two years) was that I was experiencing sexual trauma quite often. One man gave me HPV; I didn’t treat it, and the most recent “yearly” (with Dr. Kane) showed no signs of it, so she says it went away on its own. As can often happen — she told me that, though women such as I who catch it may be at greater risk of cervical cancer someday, the body often clears itself of the virus without any treatment.

    I used to go to the exams just to make sure I hadn’t been permanently damaged during “sex.” I don’t see a need to go any more.

    My hatred of the medical establishment, and all the reasons I think it’s a toxic hellhole, could fill several blogs. Suffice to say, it is capitalism, and it is run by men.


  26. jilla

    rhondda you showed up here a few weeks ago and snapped at me that I was being coy. Now you’re slur is that I’m paranoid.

    Stop the name-calling.


  27. rhondda

    Well are you? I do remember you from other blogs Jilla. So don’t play that game with me and I do not trust you. If fab libber wants to ban me fine. Time will tell. Do you really think you can intimidate me? My life is not here, my dear. Just keeping tabs. How about I will not respond to anything you say and you do like wise for me? There are other people here who do have something substantial to say.


  28. FAB Libber

    Yes, how about ignoring each other, or I will have to take measures?
    rhondda, I do trust Jilla, and have known her for years. You I don’t know.


  29. jilla

    As you know I am presently slogging my way through cervical cancer assessments, yet again, having already had three surgeries for it, including most of my cervix removed. I have refused castration up until now. I have another appointment today. I have also had to see a young woman in my extended family through this, her infection coming from childhood sexual abuse.. I hesitate to explain more on a public thread.

    My information was to Joy.


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