Reckless behaviours

A comment I made at GallusMag’s on her Prosthetics for Prisoners thread got me thinking.

In a fit of bravado, I followed her link to a prosthetics site. Apart from the bizarre looking faux-genital aprons, it included some other creepy shit like Secret Scent “Apply a small dab to the pubic hair of your Vee-String. You will experience a realistic female aroma.” and also a silicone full-body female suit. Here’s the last part of my comment if you haven’t read it:

Not exactly sure who they are supposed to be fooling, is it themselves, or straight dudes?

It’s a dangerous game for them to play to try to fool (homophobic) straight dudes, straight dudes have a hair trigger. I don’t know how to put this sensitively, without sounding like victim-blaming, but I am not surprised by the number of M2Ts getting murdered due to these scenarios. This is the main scenario that transactivists keep talking about too. But they are being a bit fool-hardy trying to trick homophobic straight dudes. Sort of like painting zebra stripes on yourself then prancing about in front of a hungry lion.

And it got me to thinking a bit further on this whole masquerade business.

  1. males like participating in reckless behaviours (the Darwin Awards are full of them)
  2. males like the challenges of fooling (virgins, women, and straight dudes it seems)
  3. males, esp M2Ts, should know what homophobic straight dudes are like, they were brought up with them

Now on the other hand, females aren’t really told the truth about males, just the opposite. But wait! There’s more!

M2Ts, being brought up male, they have not learnt the survival skills of prey, like FABs have. Sure, not all FABs learn it in time before it is too late, but if we escape actually getting murdered and stuff, we learn to modify our behaviour and movements so as to minimise risk. Most of this is done on a subconscious level.

However, to counter that, many M2Ts would already have had the experience (bad ones) with homophobic straight dudes, so really should know that homophobic straight dudes aren’t the pinnacle of warm-fuzzy human beings.

So I guess we are back to risk-taking behaviour, and perhaps the challenge of ‘passing’. Frankly, a lot of this seems to be about putting themselves in high-risk situations, and then expecting sympathy when the inevitable happens, by trying to spin this into M2Ts being specifically targeted ‘just out of the blue’.

Well, if I was to paint zebra stripes on myself and prance about in front of a hungry lion, frankly, I would not be that surprised at the result. But at least my transzebra activist buddies could spin this into ‘unfair’ targeting of transzebras?

Please, feel sorry for transzebras, and donate generously to our TransZebra Support Fund. Stripes don’t come cheap!

Standard disclaimer, yaddah yaddah.

22 thoughts on “Reckless behaviours

  1. jilla

    Those devices are so unbelievable. I didn’t know such idiocy existed, even among these sick, sick people.

    A dab of female!? Het FABs are still trying to cover that up. Does any one else remember the scented sprays and douches which were marketed to us, perfumed pads and panty liners? In case a molecule of smell leaked out and confirmed it: ick female. Did I miss anything? We washed, douched, sprayed and hoped we were acceptable.

    And yes, reckless behaviours. They want to be raped. They get off on it.

    “males, esp M2Ts, should know what homophobic straight dudes are like, they were brought up with them”

    WERE them. I can remember a gay hairdresser slavering over Aaron Neville and babbling on about wanting to be raped by him. A huge Black man with prison tatooes all over his visible body. That was HairDoBoi’s fantasy. “He’ll just TAKE me”.


  2. FAB Libber

    I should have added, that the post is not condoning violence against M2Ts, but that deliberately trying to fool (most likely homophobic) straight dudes into thinking they are women is pouring petrol on the campfire. The homophobic straight dudes are a violent breed, dangerous even to FABs, so trying to ‘fool’ them for some sort of validation/ego boost, is foolhardy. Don’t prod angry lions.


  3. ball buster

    1. males like participating in reckless behaviours (the Darwin Awards are full of them)
    2. males like the challenges of fooling (virgins, women, and straight dudes it seems)
    3. males, esp M2Ts, should know what homophobic straight dudes are like, they were brought up with them

    Yes, yes and yes.

    It’s hard not to sound victim blamey when one points out that this the shit that might put them at risk. I have the same problem when I talk about the bathroom issue. They are opening the door to rapists if they legislate the faith based initiative that any man wearing a dress is a woman or identifies as one, and not a rapist in disguise.

    I read a case in Florida about a man who dressed up like a police officer and raped a woman. He was allowed to be his own attorney, and was allowed to cross examine his own victim. Then he tried to file a motion for a mistrial, because he didn’t have adequate defense. The judge denied it, thank god. But still, if a man is willing to dress up like a cop, why wouldn’t he dress up like a trans?

    Why aren’t the trans worried about this? If they don’t care that they open the door for rapists to victimize FAABs, why don’t they at least care that they’ve left that same door open to be victimized themselves?

    I don’t fucking get it. I don’t understand.


  4. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    It takes a man to believe that lying one’s way into bed with someone is his right, but push-up bras are deceptive and evil.

    Why aren’t they worried about the danger? They’re men. The dangers we face all our lives are thrill rides to them.


  5. FAB Libber

    Hello T.Laurel Sulfate, and welcome
    Good call on the deceptions.
    Whereabouts did you delurk from? Have not seen you about.


  6. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    Thanks for the welcome, and sorry not to have introduced myself. I read several radfem blogs, but I rarely comment. Pretty sure I got here via FCM’s Femonade? I’ve commented a few times there (and, a long time ago, at Nine Deuce’s) as “Laurel,” IIRC. (And I USED to read Twisty….sigh. “Cuntalina” + trans-tastic = bookmark bahleted.)

    I only recently got the WordPress account. I read your entire blog w/o commenting, and it occurred to me that’s a wee bit creepy, so I commented.

    IRL I’m a cranky middle-aged English prof who’s currently re-reading Daly and reading the anthology Radical Feminism anthology for the first time.

    My icon is a photo of a “zombie mini me” an awesome friend made.

    Again, thanks for the welcome!


  7. jilla

    Welcome T.Laurel. English prof. Swoon. Actually, the women writing here are very literate, older (mostly) maybe that has something to do with it? But it’s something *I* notice. And the older I get, possibly, require for comprehension.

    That could be partly why yttik is so effective Fabbity: she writes to communicate. English she spoke.


  8. FAB Libber

    Oh noes, an English Prof!
    And this blog is particularly fond of butchering the English language, using blog-speak, and just bolding making up words for fun and amusement.

    What makes it worse, is that I have a bit of a mental issue going on, and not recognising or mixing up many words. It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes, and the spellchecker does not always cut it.

    Anyway Prof. Snark (LOL), please chip in! Always good to have someone new about.


  9. jilla

    What makes it worse, is that I have a bit of a mental issue going on, and not recognising or mixing up many words.


    I think this is estrogen. Really no science I can find to corroborate, and I want to hastily add, no amount or kind of man-made estrogen will replace what our bodies made, so don’t even think of going there.

    Oh yah. And hang onto your ovaries. Those little fems are pumping out estrogen all your life, post menopause will be less, but enough to keep our organs and bones healthy.


  10. jilla

    That was for the young ‘uns. I know there are some older here who do not have the fems, and sometimes, that is necessary although not nearly as often as the medical profession would like.


  11. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    @ Jilla, I’m older (46). And I never get swoons IRL over my career choice, so thanks. (-:

    @ FAB Libber, ainno thang! I don’t correct writing or speaking that was not submitted to me for a grade, because that’s rude (it’s also working for free). If I didn’t dig making up words for amusement, I’d’ve been driven screaming off the internet by now.


  12. jilla

    But that’s why you’re so great. You cannot break the rules unless you know the rules. Why the best musicians not only had gift, but spent whole days bent over the keys doing scales. I’d’ve. Beauty.

    You’re a relative young ‘un here at 46, but most of the posters here play with language and do it well. I’m not stumping for one vernacular, just, the more difficult the idea, the better we get the message across if we use plain English. Or maybe not always. Last week someone posted a “radiation” poem on one of my lists. The poster said the poet seemed to misspell the word “does” throughout, as “dose”. Duh. Radiation. Dose. The word delivered. It was no typo.


  13. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    @Jilla, thank you! I studied English because I love words. (My degrees are in creative writing.) I wonder why there are so few younger radmfe–wait, no I don’t.

    @Sargasso, it’s a very feminized field. That’s why I make the big bucks. 😉


  14. Selah

    Wow, I didn’t realize that I was probably on the low end of the curve among the radfems here, at 29!

    It doesn’t surprise me, honestly. I was one of those kids who always wanted to hang out with the adults, and my best romantic relationships have been with folks 5-10 years my senior.


  15. Selah

    Also, wrt victim blaming … I’m having a bit of a difficult time with the idea that that term adequately describes what is going on here. Maybe it has to do with my own concept of victim blaming as being related to oppression. When I think of victim-blaming, I think of women who are scolded about clothing choices after being raped or told “you should’ve known better” when they find themselves in abusive relationships with men. I think of Michelle Obama blaming the problems of the economy on fat children ( I think of poor single mothers being accused of being “welfare queens.”

    What I do not think of is privileged people who co-opt the identity of oppressed people and then get pissed off when they don’t get the reaction they desired. It is hard for me to worry about victim blaming when it’s the privilege-blindness of the victim that leads him down a path to his own victimization. If these assholes just took ten fucking minutes to listen—really LISTEN—to women about the dangers of being women, and stopped treating it like a fucking game they’d never be put in this position. That’s not the same thing as saying that “if she hadn’t worn that thing/walked down that street/left the house after 9:00pm she wouldn’t have been raped” because justice means everyone would be able to do that without fear of rape. There is no just world where the privileged can make a minstrel show out of the oppressed without any consequences.


  16. FAB Libber

    The main points being:
    *THEY already know what males are like, having been socialised as one of them
    *FABs are not told the truth, but find out the hard way

    *THEY already know what homophobic dudes are like
    *If they soliciting straight dudes purposefully, then chances are the straight dude will find out and react accordingly (beatings/rape/murder)
    *FABs have long practised risk-avoidance behaviours and strategies, generally only the younger ones put themselves in dangerous situations and learn the hard way, and another reason why males target young women, not street savvy yet

    *Males are renown for reckless behaviour
    *Males are renown for engaging in deceptive behaviour, it is a sport

    I might add that many don’t pass quite as well as they imagine they do in their own minds (and hence the importance to them that others acknowledge their ‘gender’).

    I think you are right Selah, that many are treating it like a game, in the sense they are taking a risk in the ‘sport’ element. Unfortunately, that sport element has a habit of going horribly wrong.

    The whole thing is quite a volatile mix, and not surprising that many do get beaten/murdered. That is not to say I condone the violence against trans, but I fully understand why it is happening so frequently.

    So why aren’t the transjacktivists* giving safety advice to their community, rather than milking as much sympathy as they can get from everyone else? It seems they care less about their own community than outsiders do. In typical man-style, they sacrifice their own to make a point.

    *thanks GallusMag for transjacktivists


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