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  1. FAB Libber

    Why is there no looting in Japan?

    The landscape of parts of Japan looks like the aftermath of World War Two; no industrialised country since then has suffered such a death toll. The one tiny, tiny consolation is the extent to which it shows how humanity can rally round in times of adversity, with heroic British rescue teams joining colleagues from the US and elsewhere to fly out.

    And solidarity seems especially strong in Japan itself. Perhaps even more impressive than Japan’s technological power is its social strength, with supermarkets cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. Most noticeably of all, there has been no looting, and I’m not the only one curious about this.

    This is quite unusual among human cultures, and it’s unlikely it would be the case in Britain. During the 2007 floods in the West Country abandoned cars were broken into and free packs of bottled water were stolen. There was looting in Chile after the earthquake last year – so much so that troops were sent in; in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina saw looting on a shocking scale.

    Why do some cultures react to disaster by reverting to everyone for himself, but others – especially the Japanese – display altruism even in adversity?

    The dude seems surprised and perplexed, as if it is somehow against human nature. Geez.


  2. FAB Libber

    Please use the open threads for random stuff, rather than existing threads. That’s why I make the open threads.
    There is also a PRIVATE open thread too if you want to use it. Same as the initial pw.

    To find the open threads, or to find the current open thread, I have made an “open thread” category, so just use the category search to find them.


  3. jilla

    Yttik says such good things.

    March 16, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Here’s the problem, Twisty, femininity is anything women do. Seriously, not long ago pink was the color of strength and little boys were put in it. Girls had to wear weak and washed out blue. Men used to wear tights and powdered wigs or tight pants and heels. Desirable women as commodities were once supposed to be quite plump. You cannot escape femininity because it is an ever evolving and changing thing. Sure, you can ditch your heels and lipstick, and probably should, but rejecting the feminine becomes a trap because the game is already rigged. If women were to suddenly dominate the construction industry, building would then be viewed as girly and stupid and people would live in ramshackle houses celebrating their masculinity. We’ve seen this happen before, women who clean are maids, men are respected as janitors. Women who cook are cooks, men are world known chefs. Girls gossip, men network.

    I’m sorry Twisty, but femininity does not separate men from the sex class. The patriarchy does that and it is rooted in the realities of reproduction and biology. If you don’t believe me, ask all of us lower class women who never had a dime to spend on femininity, who have spent our lives walking around in men’s hand me down pants and flannel shirts long before rejecting femininity became all the rage.


    March 17, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    “The point is to rebel. Against whatever feminine norm happens to be in place.”

    Women have been doing that for thousands of years. Believe it or not, the vast majority of us have been so busy trying to survive we haven’t had time to comply with patriarchal feminine norms.

    Besides, rather than constantly responding to the dictates of the patriarchy and trying to rebel, we should be out defining what femininity is for ourselves.

    I really don’t understand why people believe that cutting your hair or throwing away your lipstick or going braless or wearing comfortable shoes are going to make one bit of difference to the power structure. By all means, get rid of those things if they’re uncomfortable, but rebellion?? Really? Is that the most radical idea we can come up with? Refuse to wear lipstick, that’ll teach ‘em?”

    After which, Twisty cut her down.

    I get such a hunger for the company of such women, women like Yttik. Who I could just read and listen to forever. I imagine us all sitting in the same room together.


  4. ball buster

    +1000 Jilla

    Men are moving the goalposts all the time. I predict, by the year 2050 women will be combat soldiers while men will be controlling remote control robot drones, miles away in a safe location. They’ll say women fought for the right to engage in combat, but really they just want to give women the dirty jobs and keep the shiny new stuff all to themselves.


  5. FAB Libber

    Thanks Jilla, those two were brilliant and the first will go onto my Quotable Radfeminisms page.
    yttik is so right on so many points, the changing/evolving nature of oppressions like work, and the fashion of femininity. Great point on the powdered wigs! (game set and match)
    I have seen it myself on the workfront, one particular high level job in a industry was performed better by women, once it became a majority-woman job, pay dropped like a lead balloon.

    We so have to get the fuck away from men.


  6. FAB Libber

    A$100K reward offered to solve Elaine Jones murder

    A $100,000 reward is being offered in an attempt to finally solve the brutal murder of Melbourne mother Elaine Jones 31 years ago.

    The 39-year-old was murdered while on holiday in the NSW Murray River town of Tocumwal with her family in January 1980.

    Intensifying the tragedy, her husband Alan suffered a fatal heart attack upon finding his wife’s naked body in the Murray River the morning after she vanished.

    NSW Minister for Police Michael Daley today announced the $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her death.

    “This appears to be an unprovoked random act of violence which has remained unsolved for 31 years,” he said.

    “Mrs Jones deserves justice and police will never give up on finding those responsible.”

    Despite extensive investigations only one sneaker belonging to Mrs Jones was located at the crime scene.

    What police do know is that Mrs Jones left her caravan at Town Beach to walk a short distance to the local store about 9pm on January 3.

    She began to walk back to the caravan park with the cigarettes and milk she had bought, but never made it.

    The injuries inflicted on her included extensive neck and head wounds.
    – – – – –
    I was struck by this phrasing:
    “This appears to be an unprovoked random act of violence which has remained unsolved for 31 years,”
    Is he saying that most of the acts of violence inflicted upon females is provoked? Jeez.

    I did immediately think “probably the husband”, but ruled him out after the fatal heart attack. On this occasion, it probably was not the husband. Well, it is basically a 50-50 chance of femicide being the spouse.


  7. jilla

    More me putting in posts that are dead on, beautifully written and hit their mark. This is an old one, but I’m sure WW would be delighted to know she’s still being read and her words HEARD.

    Now why I’m putting this one is because many of us hammered Violet on the folly of allowing a proPorn/sexual exploitation poster to keep nattering on her blog. We tried to reason, we got mad, sometimes proPorney went away for a bit but always came back, sometimes Violet smacked her but never did it end. Then WW put her point of view on her blog and proPorny has never been back. You see, WW is quiet, and her arguments are irrefutably right. And she is respected by all, even those who disagree with us. And Violet often does. But she respects and hears WW. All the years of ragging on Violet, and nothing, then WW did one post–effect.

    Go post on this. Remind WW we haven’t forgotten about her, although she’s busy with other ways of being a radical feminist these days, her words still have power.



  8. FAB Libber

    Ah yes, dear Witchy, have not heard from her in ages, she has been busy IRL, and working in woman-helping field of work. She is a 24/7 radfem who devotes her life to women. She is a star.


  9. Mary Sunshine

    Hi FL,

    You said:

    There is also a PRIVATE open thread too if you want to use it. Same as the initial pw.

    I have tried both of the different passwords given to me for this blog, and neither of them work.

    Would you please email it to me?

    Thank you.



  10. jilla

    Why is there no looting in Japan?

    Although this story is told by Wangari Maathai, it is a Japanese proverb. I just can’t find it told by a Japanese person.


  11. FAB Libber

    Thanks for that Jilla. I know that in rural areas of Japan the generations of families are more closely linked, with a lot of respect for the elderly. I might copy over my comment at FCM’s to the mother-daughter thread, because I think it also relevant.

    In other news, Knut the polar bear died (mysteriously). His keeper, who was a surrogate mother to Knut died when Knut was about two, and he had not been all that well since that time. I think Knut died of a ‘broken heart’, from his ‘maternal’ separation, even if the mother was a human dude.


  12. FAB Libber

    VeganPrimate gets the prize! (it is an invisible prize)
    For added bonus points (also invisible) you could have mentioned the chameleon’s tail.
    Anyone mentioning ‘huge clown feet’ would also have received bonus points.
    Minor points to be had for coming up with ‘bugging the laydees’ connection. (play on words/phrases section)

    All competition results are final.
    The blog owner(s) cannot be held responsible for any salivary responses induced in viewers.


  13. jilla

    ATM-like drug kiosks coming. Machines will give patients in Ontario 24-hour access

    The Toronto Star, 19 March 2011
    Machines that dispense prescription drugs around the clock will be rolled out across the province in the coming months. Health Minister Deb Matthews said Friday that Ontario is allowing mass installation of the ATM-like drug-dispensing …

    Think they’ll be dispensing Plan B?


  14. FAB Libber

    I noticed the look on Ladybug’s face. “WTF?”
    One point. 😛
    It’s just a perfect graphic, on so many levels.

    Dispensing Plan B, LOL, not on your life! Unless of course the ATM machines also dispensed a recorded “you selfish slut” message with it.


  15. FAB Libber

    The crazy, pop-eyed *avariciousness* of that R2LB is spot on.
    Two points.
    One for the *avariciousness*
    One for the R2LB (although I might just dispute it should be C2LB, LOL) I had to think what R was for a mo.


  16. FAB Libber

    In honour of the new theme, I updated the redbox graphic with spots!

    How I came to the theme:
    I was looking for a new avatar, because the old one just did not work for most uses (the tiny version in threads). It was soooo hard to find a graphic that worked that small.

    A ladybug caught my eye, ah yes, so iconic in shape, would work in tiny.
    Then I thought, “what relevance could it have?” After all, it is a bit cutesy and kiddie.
    Then I thought, “hell yeah, I am going to bug the hell out of the laydees”. Perfect.

    Hunting around for a header image, I discovered the ladybug-chameleon one, and found the one above (I still downloaded about 20 different ladybug themed wallpapers). The best was the chameleon one, so relevent on so many levels. It became more apparent when you looked at their little faces. How could I not use it?

    The ladybug is of course, chameleon-phobic.

    Probably a good thing, because I think the chameleons eat insects, so our ladybug is on the menu. And that is the final piece, the ‘silence of the lambs’ connection. 😛

    The chameleon does not want to ‘become’ one of the ladybugs, he wants to camoflage as a ladybug to get in close to her (that covers the fetishists and pervs that want to get into FAB-spaces).

    So I have my new blog theme. 😛


  17. jilla

    Ok. Here’s the post to go with the morphed link above. As you may survmise, the dedication to one A.D. is Andrea Dworkin.

    WitchyWoo says:

    Quite cross…
    Posted on April 10, 2010 by witchywoo| 9 Comments

    I’ve just been reading over at Reclusive Leftist – often a fave of mine – where Violet Socks is delighted by Iceland’s decision to ban strip clubs – you know, those places where women are paid to get naked in order to publicly reinforce men’s social and personal power over females? I’m delighted by the decision too. Way to go Iceland!

    But I made the mistake of reading the comments thread.

    It was ok at first; funstuff about elves and the pros and cons of living in very cold temperatures, but then it seemed to get low-jacked by an ex stripper with a hugely inflated sense of the value of her extremely limited experience who started banging on about…..you guessed it – CHOICE and “removing women’s livlihoods”!! OMG why are these people *so* predictable! Why are they *so* incapable of seeing the big picture? (Rhetorical question, in case you’re a newcomer.)

    Anyway, said ex stripper – who offers such a reasonable sounding contribution (disregarding the fact that the woman has an agenda, of course) comes out with this classic:

    “IMO, by shutting down clubs, the most vulnerable women will get hurt. People like me, educated and with other options but eager for a quick way out of massive school debt, will simply go with the other options and possibly miss out on the chance to escape jobs we don’t like to explore ones we do, but would still be OK. Women who are poor and who depend on the enhanced $ stripping can bring over other options, without other ways to handle the bills, will be forced into less savory and protected sex work environments.”

    Essentially saying that we really need to keep the *poor*, vulnerable *ignorant*, thick women in the strip clubs reinforcing men’s power for their own good!! Can you believe that?

    And then this:

    “There will likely be no kindly radical feminists around to pay their bills or offer them better jobs. Those well-meaning feminists will sigh a relief that this stereotype-enforcing (or yes, stereotype-creating) SC [strip club] thing isn’t around anymore to hurt our cause. But I fear our relief will be on the backs of women who now are less visible, but whose lives have been made more difficult to make us feel good about progress.”

    I have to ask, what would someone who is *so* male identified know about what any “kindly radical feminists” (how fucking patronising is that?) will do? Or even does do, come to that. She seems to think that radical feminism is all about making radical feminists somehow “feel good” and strikes me as the kind of person who’d say “you’ve made your bed, you lie in it” to women seeking to escape from violent and abusive partners back in the day – and look how far we’ve come from that idea.

    Her comments are a wonderful demonstration of how a good education is wasted on some people.

    What’s made me cross is the fact that Violet Socks closed comments on this thread before I got the chance to say my piece directly. I’ve been too busy making myself “feel good” by working with women to enable them to live their lives as they actually choose, free from fear, helping them to get out from under that male boot on their necks, helping them realise their potential as valuable human people rather than objects of derision (yes, sorry, heterosexual men deride their own sexuality and make women the easy object of their unease – you understand patriarchy; it’s not rocket science) – not to mention the political activity aimed at elevating the status of all women to that of our esteemed commenter… Oh, you know, just being kindly, obviously. And, yes, it does make me feel good when a woman gets her life back – of course it does – but that’s not why I do it.

    I do understand why Violet Socks no longer wants to entertain such dialogue on her blog – there’s only so much of this mindless, ignorant, repetitive crap one can take, after all – but these things need to be said somewhere – everywhere – all the time.

    In memory of A.D. – been on my mind all day


  18. Sargasso Sea

    Any of you have anything to say about Roz Kaveney? HE claims Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian basher.


    I wonder if the mix of MALE biology and synthetic FEMALE hormones makes people stoopid?!?!


  19. FAB Libber

    Hi Sar, I broke your link.

    I read the first part of the review, before being bored shitless by the mansplaining, and had a quick look at the ‘About’ to see if Roz was M2T, and yes indeed he was.

    I’m a bit older than most people in the fandom – I just turned 52. I have a long and complicated personal history which I am in the process of turning into a huge memoir; crucial facts are that I was reared Catholic but got over it, was born male but got over it, stopped sleeping with boys about the time I stopped being one and am much happier than I was when I was younger.

    Roz can fuck off.


  20. Sargasso Sea

    Don’t all you Brit-types know each other? 😉

    It took about the same amount of time to suspect M2T. What a dick; can’t even review SJ’s piece properly, it’s all What about the menz twanz!

    (thanks for breaking the link)


  21. FAB Libber

    I could tell within the first paragraph that it was a dude writing it; longwinded waffle not making any point, waffling for the sake of seeing his own words on screen. *bleh*

    And I would like to add:
    was born male but got over it
    Nope. Not at all. You are still very much a dude, and you can fuck off.


  22. FAB Libber

    And why the hell has everyone gone so quiet – not just here, but on all the other blogs I visit? Did we overthrow patriarchy overnight? I did not get the memo.


  23. jilla

    Ontario court protects teacher pedo. His pwivacy rights were breached.

    Material on work computer private, court rules
    From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail

    Ontario’s top court has found a right to privacy in material contained on a work computer.

    A judgment on Tuesday from the Ontario Court of Appeal broke new ground on an issue that is exploding into the court system – the extent to which Internet information is private and beyond the reach of the law.
    More related to this story

    The case involved a Northern Ontario high school teacher charged with possessing child pornography. The judges said that police breached his Charter rights by viewing his computer files without a warrant.

    “The police technique was intrusive in copying the entire contents of the hard drive,” the court said. “The contents of the hard drive of a laptop may contain extremely personal information such as medical and financial reports, personal journals, e-mails and appointments.

    At the same time, the court concluded that school officials who stumbled upon the pornographic images had a right to monitor whether the school computer system was being used appropriately.

    Frank Addario, a lawyer for defendant Richard Cole, said that the ruling has repercussions for employees who use their electronic devices for personal purposes, “which is pretty well everyone.

    “There was a belief that ownership meant control of privacy, but that’s an old school way of looking at privacy,” Mr. Addario said. “Most Blackberry users carry a subset of their existence around with them regardless of who paid for the hardware.”

    In a pretrial ruling, the trial judge in the case tossed out the evidence as a violation of Mr. Cole’s privacy rights. The Crown appealed to Superior Court, which reversed the ruling and sent it back for trial. The defence appealed that ruling to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

    Toronto lawyer Scott Hutchison, a privacy expert, said that the court has given a sound answer to a vital question. “This case comes down firmly on the side of privacy and holds that employers cannot give police investigators access to a workplace computer,” he said.

    “This case makes it clear that the employer may own the computer, but that doesn’t give them the power to waive the employee’s privacy rights,” Mr. Hutchison added. “It recognizes the realities of how people use modern workplace technology. People don’t artificially ‘switch off’ their privacy interests just because the device in question is owned by someone else.”

    Mr. Cole’s responsibilities included patrolling students’ e-mails and files. The Crown alleged that he discovered a large cache of explicit nude photographs of an underage female student and copied them into his own computer hard drive.

    A school board technician later found the images, copied them onto a disc and seized Mr. Cole’s laptop for a full search. The material was delivered to police.

    Writing on behalf of Chief Justice Warren Winkler and Mr. Justice Robert Sharpe, Madam Justice Andromache Karakatsanis said the board employee did not breach the Charter protection against unreasonable search and seizure because he was mandated to do so.

    However, the police search was an entirely different matter.

    “Access to that information on the hard drive potentially exposed intimate details of the appellant’s personal choices and could have exposed intimate details of a personal nature,” Judge Karakatsanis said.


  24. ball buster

    Fab said: And why the hell has everyone gone so quiet – not just here, but on all the other blogs I visit? Did we overthrow patriarchy overnight? I did not get the memo.

    Haha! I’ve been insanely busy the past few days, myself. Now my brain is fried and I don’t know what to post today.

    s4 said: I wonder if the mix of MALE biology and synthetic FEMALE hormones makes people stoopid?!?!

    Holy shit, I was wondering the same thing the other day, when I was posting about gender and artificiality. I was like, do I bother asking if unnecessary hormone treatments rot the brain, then decided against it.


  25. FAB Libber

    Not sure if WP was under attack again, but it went into a read-only mode last night my time, which had followed page loading problems.

    The tragic murder of the YW in Canada proves that the top end of the ‘business’ is not safe either. There was another YW at the top end of the business who also died.

    The right to privacy is utter bullshit on work equipment. Hopefully all that will be overturned somehow. I would recommend checking the computers of the judge who made that ruling, I will bet there would be a lot of the same on his.

    It was not even an illegal search/seizure of the computer. The legal owners of the hardware had given their permission.

    It is well known that employers can search/audit the work-supplied equipment.

    Perhaps the paeddies are just getting way too brazen.


  26. FAB Libber

    Rape sentences too lenient – Vic DPP

    RAPISTS should receive tougher sentences to better reflect the 25-year maximum penalty, the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has argued.

    Paul Holdenson QC, for the DPP, told a bench of five judges in the Court of Appeal today that sentences for rape in Victoria were not reflecting the maximum penalty nor the gravity of the crime.

    The DPP is appealing against the leniency of the minimum five-year sentence handed to rapist Jason Werry, who had pleaded not guilty.

    It is using Werry’s jail term for raping a 17-year-old girl in 2008 as a test case to toughen up sentences for rapists.

    Werry picked up the girl, who was unknown to him, took her to a secluded park in Dandenong then raped her.

    He was convicted of one count of rape in the Victorian County Court last August.

    The DPP has lodged two grounds of appeal.

    The first argues Werry’s sentence for the rape, for which he received a maximum seven years’ jail, is manifestly inadequate.

    It did not give enough weight to the gravity of his crime, the maximum penalty and principles of deterrence and denunciation, the DPP said in its submission.

    The second ground contends that current sentencing practices for rape are inadequate and judges should have limited regard to past sentences when determining penalty.

    “Sentences imposed do not reflect the maximum penalty, do not reflect the nature and gravity of the inherently violent act of rape and do not reflect the sentencing principles,” Mr Holdenson told the appeal judges.

    The maximum sentence handed to Werry was two years more than the median sentence for rape, which is five years’ jail, according to Sentencing Advisory Council figures for the period 2003-04 to 2007-08.

    Appeal judge Justice Mark Weinberg suggested the DPP’s argument was problematic because there were thousands of cases for lesser crimes such as robbery where sentences did not match the maximum penalty.

    Court of Appeal president Justice Chris Maxwell said the issue was not about popular opinion and imposing sentences the community wants, but whether the sentencing parameters fixed by the Victorian parliament are being observed.

    Defence barrister Lachlan Carter, for Werry, argued the DPP failed to demonstrate that current sentencing practices are inadequate.

    The sentencing judge had described the rape committed by Werry as “violent, demeaning and callous”.

    The prosecution asked that he be jailed for nine to 12 years, with a minimum seven to nine years, and not in line with current sentencing practices because these were inadequate.

    It said his crime fell into the mid- to high range, as it included planning and force.

    The number of offenders sentenced for rape over the past nine years has steadily increased, according to the DPP’s submission.

    The appeals court will hand down its judgment on a date to be fixed.



  27. FAB Libber

    I get really sick of the “[perp] didn’t know she was only X years old”.
    That really is in the hall of fame of pathetic excuses.


  28. jilla

    Like we don’t know they’d be fucking a seven-year old if they thought they could make that fly.

    I hope Allred pushes a civil suit.


  29. Mary Sunshine

    For FL, in case you haven’t already run across it:

    Qantas in midair emergency as pilots grapple with two cockpit fires
    Tom Reilly

    March 24, 2011

    Burning smell in the cabin … an Airbus A330-200.

    PASSENGERS on a Qantas flight from the Philippines to Sydney yesterday were left terrified after pilots had to put out an electrical fire in the cockpit and the plane was forced to land in Cairns.

    Small flames on the flight deck of the Airbus A330-200 were initially put out by the automatic safety systems, but within minutes the fire began again, forcing the three pilots, who were wearing oxygen masks, to use an extinguisher.

    Qantas said the blaze was caused by an electrical problem in the system that heats the windscreen, the same fault that forced a Jetstar A330-200 en route from Japan to Australia to land on the Pacific island of Guam in 2009.

    One of the 147 passengers on board the flight told the Herald the incident had been ”truly scary”.

    The 56-year-old said: ”There was a burning smell in the cabin that was very strong, and then the captain came over the loudspeaker and explained an electrical problem meant there was a serious risk of fire. Later he explained flames had come back for a second time and they’d had to use a fire extinguisher in the cockpit.

    ”Whenever you hear a pilot talk about a fire on a plane it’s truly scary. Clearly the incident could have been catastrophic.”

    But the passenger also praised the captain for his calmness during the situation: ”He was very composed over the loudspeaker and when the plane landed he took the time to walk back and talk to the passengers.”

    The fire began at 3.35pm Sydney time. The plane arrived in Cairns 50 minutes later.

    A Qantas pilot told the Herald last night that such faults were potentially ”very serious”.

    ”With that electrical malfunction a circuit-breaker system should trip out and the problem go away. That the flames came back means there was another fault,” he said. ”Any time pilots have to use extinguishers in such a confined area as the cockpit isn’t a good situation. They would have had to land the plane at the nearest suitable airport. It sounds like it was potentially a very serious situation.”

    A Qantas spokesman praised the pilots and said the airline had notified the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. ”The pilots did a fantastic job to bring the situation under control and calmly redirected the plane to Cairns Airport for a standard, but unscheduled, landing.”


  30. ball buster

    What infuriates me the most about the LT case was that she had visible bruises on her face, and he raped her anyway. Fucking asshole.

    Of course, America lit up with the whole “innocent till proven guilty!” and threw her under the bus for being a runaway, as if her running away created the problem.

    I love Gloria Allred. She’s awesome. ❤


  31. Mary Sunshine

    Hospital settles with 26 women who filed sex assault complainants

    March 24, 2011
    Toronto Star
    Curtis Rush

    George Doodnaught has been charged with 29 counts of sexual assault.

    A Toronto hospital has reached settlements with 26 women who claim one of its anesthesiologists sexually assaulted them.

    The deal was reached by North York General Hospital on March 8, despite the fact that Dr. George Doodnaught, 62, has yet to stand trial on 29 charges of sexual assault.

    Darcy Merkur, a lawyer who represents 26 of the 29 complainants, said details of the settlement are confidential.

    Merkur would only say the agreement resolves claims against the hospital “in a manner that is fair, efficient, sensitive and respectful to its patients.”

    According to a statement by Merkur’s Toronto law firm, Thomson, Rogers, the agreement was without an admission of liability on the part of the hospital, “but represents the hospital’s willingness to move forward.”

    Doodnaught was charged last March with three counts of sexual assault after female patients complained of incidents while they were under anesthetic.

    At the time, police asked other potential victims to step forward.

    On Sept. 30, police laid an additional 26 charges relating to alleged incidents, the majority of them at North York General Hospital, where Doodnaught worked for 28 years.

    He is no longer associated with the hospital.

    All the complainants were female.



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  33. FAB Libber

    This is kind of weird, 22yo Sian O’Callaghan who went missing last Saturday from Swindon, they have arrested some dude on ‘suspicion of kidnap’. It is strange because they have been searching a nearby forest area (so chances are, sadly, that she has been murdered). Perhaps they cannot charge him on suspicion of murder unless they find her body?

    This is a quick arrest.


  34. Mary Sunshine

    For those of us who get migraines:

    Migraine ‘incoherence’ similar to a stroke

    March 24, 2011
    Toronto Star
    Lesley Ciarula Taylor

    Staff Reporter

    The sudden, terrifying incoherence sometimes brought on by a migraine headache can be traced to a short circuit in the brain similar to a stroke, the director of the Ontario Migraine Clinic says.

    “New technology such as MRIs are showing that there are little micro-lesions with each attack in migraine sufferers,” explained Brendan Cleary. Unlike a stroke, however, “they don’t seem to have a lasting effect on function.”

    Dr. Michael Zitney of the Headache and Pain Relief Centre in Toronto explained it as a neurovascular inflammation triggered by an overload of information to the senses.

    The overload sets off abnormally sensitive nerves, which leak chemicals into particular areas of the brain.

    “Most people have built-in filters in the form of ‘inhibitory nerve cells,’ which limit the flow of information,” said Zitney. For migraine sufferers, “it is as if their filters are more porous.”

    Two recent examples have brought this phenomenon into public view.

    On Monday night, a report by Global TV reporter Mark McAllister suddenly turned into gibberish. Executives later said he suffered a “minor medical issue.”

    CBS reporter Serene Branson had a similar experience during a report from the Grammy awards in February, which was later ascribed to a migraine.

    “A lot of people think it’s a headache,” said Cleary. “That’s only one part of a migraine. People can suffer from migraine with no headache but with the loss of ability to walk properly, slurring words or mixing up words, or even a loss of vision.”

    If the short circuit is in the part of the brain governing speech, he said, the words garble.

    “They know they want to say a different word and another word might come out.”

    Symptoms can change from attack to attack, he said, so an on-air reporter may never have been hit by sudden incoherence before.

    The new attention for migraines may help, said Cleary. “A lot of people go undiagnosed because they don’t realize what’s happening, so they don’t follow up and get help.”


  35. jilla

    Such a puzzle. I have a friend who suffers terribly, throwing up, aura, and something like Raynaud’s internittently but only after a prolonged migraine episode. I don’t know what she uses or does now. I do know she stopped drinking wine and made some dietary modifications, but they persist.

    “A lot of people go undiagnosed because they don’t realize what’s happening, so they don’t follow up and get help.”

    Translation: “We’ve just developed a new drug but we have no disease for it yet. Hurry in:”.


  36. noanodyne

    Just an FYI about migraines. Many women who get them (and other types of severe headaches) are severely magnesium deficient. And that deficiency just gets worse as we age or if we don’t eat the right diet. I started on a magnesium regimen just over 10 years ago and I haven’t had a migraine since. I used to get them about once every month and severe enough to have to be lying down in a dark room for several days. You have to take it in the right dosage and get enough calcium at the same time so you absorb the magnesium. Standard ratio is 2:1 calcium to magnesium. Therapeutic for migraines is the other way around. And citrate is the best version for absorption. Once I’d stopped my migraines, I’ve been able to just take a solid dose of mag every day to keep the level up in my bloodstream.


  37. jilla

    I wonder why we are generally (even those who don’t have Migraine) deficient in Magnesium? I was counseled to take it in a 2/1 ratio with Calcium as Noanodyne mentions. For me it was for leg cramps. But N. how did you manage the laxative effects?

    There’s some evidence we will absorb Magnesium from Epsom salts in the bath water, about 2 cups per.


  38. jilla

    Your youngest WHAT! Are you do you have children?! (I thought Popes couldn’t. You know). Seriously I thought none of us but me had kids. I happen to think that’s wonderful. Your Holiship.


  39. Mary Sunshine

    Boy, 11, ‘one of worst accused sex offenders’

    Aja Styles
    Western Australia Today
    March 25, 2011 – 1:21PM

    An 11-year-old boy has faced court over a two-day spree of alleged rapes and sex assaults in Perth’s southern suburbs.

    In Perth’s Children’s court today it was claimed that between March 9 and 10, the child raped two women and molested three others, including a woman aged 67.

    The boy was the youngest of four boys charged with sexual offences against six women in total, who were aged between 16 and 67.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    The boy, who was out on bail, had his bail conditions tightened after the state prosecutor successfully argued he was one of the worst offenders of the group.

    In court today he appeared small and nervous sitting next to the older boys, while his mother sat at the back of the room with tears in her eyes.

    Two other boys, aged 13 and 14, also faced court today. The 13-year-old was charged with indecently assaulting a woman, three counts of aggravated indecent assault in the company of three others, and two counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent in the company of three others.

    The 14-year-old was charged with indecently assaulting a woman, two counts of indecently assaulting women with three accomplices, sexually penetrating a woman without her consent and sexually penetrating a woman without her consent in the company of three others.

    The older boys were remanded in custody to face court again in April via video-link from Rangeview Prison.

    A 12-year-old boy, who was also on bail, faced Perth Children’s Court yesterday charged with indecent assault and sexual penetration without consent.

    It was alleged in court that the 11-year-old boy stole a $1000 scooter in Murdoch, where a woman was indecently assaulted, and drove to Bull Creek.

    In Bull Creek the majority of the pack was allegedly involved in sex attacks on a 16-year-old girl in a fast food shop, a 41-year-old woman walking along South Street, and a 42-year-old woman at a local shopping centre on March 9.

    Another 16-year-old girl was also molested at Cockburn Central train station that day.

    The 11-year-old was also accused of carrying out aggravated indecent assault on the 67-year-old woman at Rockingham the next day, while in the company of the two older boys.

    He was released into the care of his mother and stepfather, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, to attend school and spend the rest of his time at his Warnbro home under a 24-hour curfew.

    He was not to go out on his own or with anyone who wasn’t his parent, Children’s Court Magistrate Andree Horrigan told him.

    It was also revealed in court that he had come before the juvenile justice team on four other occasions.

    His 12-year-old co-accused from Warnbro had never been charged before.

    Magistrate Horrigan told the 11-year-old he was only being granted bail due to his age and he had strict conditions not to try and contact any of the women involved in the case or his four co-accused friends.

    Outside court the boy’s mother told reporters to “f… off” as she and her son ran from the building shielding his face, but later taunted the television cameras by repeatedly giving them the finger once they were a distance away.

    He was not required to enter a plea, but will face court again on April 29.


  40. FAB Libber

    The man arrested in Sian O’Callaghan’s murder is a taxi driver. Earlier reports indicated that a second body was found, but that was mis-reported. The body found yesterday is Sian. The second body has not yet been found, and is supposed to be in a different location – it must be that the dude has already confessed to both. Thus far the police have not said whether the body of the other missing person is male or female, but the chances are high that it is another young woman I guess.

    The fact that this dude is a taxi driver is worrying. There are absolutely no categories of dudes that can be trusted. Perhaps Sian had taken the cab ‘to be safer’?


  41. FAB Libber

    LOL at Elizabeth Taylor’s sense of humour:

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor Late To Her Own Funeral

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor ensured a grand entrance at her funeral on Thursday (24Mar11) by leaving instructions for the service to begin 15 minutes late.

    The Hollywood icon, who died of congestive heart failure on Wednesday (23Mar11), showed off her legendary sense of humour as she poked fun at her notoriously poor time-keeping with a late start to her memorial.

    A spokesperson for the family explains, “She even wanted to be late for her own funeral.”

    The Cleopatra star was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, in a low-key ceremony which featured a poetry reading by Colin Farrell. Taylor’s grandson Rhys Tivey paid tribute to the star by playing Amazing Grace on the trumpet in her honour.


  42. FAB Libber

    Not that The Scum is reliable for news or anything, but they seemingly have interviewed the murder suspect’s sister who said:
    THE sister of double murder suspect Chris Halliwell revealed last night: “He has always had a dark side.”

    Sarah Halliwell, 45, said the cabbie’s alleged confession to the murder of clubber Sian O’Callaghan and another woman came as “no great shock”.

    The sister said she loathed Halliwell and told how he “did strange things showing no emotion” as they grew up together.

    She added: “He has always had a dark, disturbing streak. It came to the surface when he was a little boy and may have again.”

    He is also the father of three kids.




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