Sharing new discoveries

Thanks to RadFemCrafts, I discovered a new blog today, that of Raygunslinger.
Some great twanzphobic stuff, like this bit from the most recent post:

In the case of trans people, their cuckoo fantasy often leads to very cuckoo-like behavior as well. Many trans activists act like needy little baby cuckoos, pushing women aside and demanding all the attention of feminists. And funfems are always willing to indulge them, just like a clueless warbler dutifully feeding the baby cuckoo in her nest.

And a likely contender for The Big Meanies Club:

But for some reason, I’ve always willing to play along when it came to pronouns. I think gender-specific pronouns are kinda pointless to begin with, and since they’re such a big deal to trans people, I figured I’d do it out of politeness. Now that I think about it, however, the fact that trans people take pronouns so seriously could be the reason why I shouldn’t play along. I might not see pronouns as meaning much, but as far as most trans people are concerned, every “he” or “she” they hear is a validation of their supposed gender. After giving it more thought, it seems less like politeness and more like enabling.

And this great post on “Sex-positivity” and euphemistic language. It won’t take you long to go back through and read through the rest of the blog, started in January of this year. Well worth a visit!

Online roleplaying stuff is examined and put into context, even if I am a bit of a fuddy-duddy and did not know the extent of all this roleplaying stuff (like ‘furries’), zmog, do peeps seriously wanna fuck Sonic the Hedgehog?

Raygunslinger – me likey! 😛
(except for the red text on black background, which is hard to read!)
And being on blogspot, on which I hate the comment system.

24 thoughts on “Sharing new discoveries

  1. Sargasso Sea

    I just came from there myself!

    Me likey too 🙂 (hatin’ on the black background tho cos Ima hata dontchya know)


  2. FAB Libber

    Yep. I also really hate (coz I’m a hata too!) Blogspot’s comment crap.
    The trick, or one trick, to get around the red text stuff, it to highlight the entire passage with your mouse – it then becomes blue text on white background. Much easier on the old bespectacled eyes.


  3. radfemcrafts

    Oooh, so glad I had something to share with the class (Raygunslinger’s blog)!

    Isn’t her cuckoo metaphor brilliant?

    Her anti-Na’avi post is my favorite blog post on the entire internet of all time.

    I had a dream two nights ago where I was something of a Jesus figure amongst my people.



  4. Sargasso Sea

    “Isn’t her cuckoo metaphor brilliant?”

    Yes it is. I’d even venture to say that it is perfect.

    (also been reading at yours, radfemcrafts, just haven’t piped up yet 🙂 )


  5. FAB Libber

    I think the cuckoo thing may have been used previously by some other radfem, however, RGS takes it even further in the analysis of the political landscape (funfem duping).

    This stuff happens all the time, similar ideas forming at or around the same time, it can happen completely independently without the each of the parties knowing it. Just one of those things. Sometimes we get too hung up on the attribution dealio. I try where possible to attribute where I can to whom, but as I said, sometimes these things happen concurrently or independently.

    Even things like graphics that I created years ago (fairly anonymously), are still being used in circulation – I saw one just the other day. I get the kick out of knowing that I created a valuable tool for the pot, for others to draw on. And I still blog anonymously, and hopefully stuff I contribute here will also be useful in the future. Certainly it is nice to just get a little head nod occasionally, and know whatever you have done is appreciated and useful.

    I even chuckled the other day, seeing “PIV pony” being taken up and used further. 😛
    All good stuff! We should celebrate our collective creativity.


  6. ball buster

    I love that graphic where it trees out from “I can be anything I want to be when I grow up!” and the one with the internet access turns out to be a furry/otherkin/whothefuckknows – the one without internet is just trying to survive.

    Awesome blog.


  7. joy

    I love using the term “PIV pony”, and also (I think) coined “hetero horse” (as in, “never mind the nasty falls you’ve had and know you’ll have again, just get back on the hetero horse!”) — because I work with horses professionally, and the metaphor is far too apt.

    When you work with horses, you know that any minute they could snap and potentially harm if not kill you. Nobody thinks people are crazy for not wanting to work with horses — most people think you’re crazy if you DO! (Notably, hospital staff when I used to work on a racetrack and came in with some pretty serious but still run-of-the-mill injuries; doctor said, I quote, “Y’all horse people are crazy and I don’t know why you do this shit.”)

    So what makes it different for men?* Men can hurt you worse than even horses can, and they don’t have the excuse of not knowing any better.

    * Rhetorical question.

    Thanks for the incredibly apt and awesome metaphor, FABLibber 🙂


  8. FAB Libber

    I am no great horsewoman, but I get along with them fine. Very soon into the arrangement of horse and rider, I make it known that I won’t tug on the reins, nor kick them in the guts. Instead, verbal commands (yes, they understand the words for gallop and stuff) and gentle body movements and weight shifts. Working as a team, not master/mistress and subject.

    Works just fine.

    But I also only like female horses…
    (flaunting my separatist creds again)


  9. ball buster

    Men can hurt you worse than even horses can, and they don’t have the excuse of not knowing any better.

    WIN. Hey Fab, Joy’s comment looks like a response that could go under quotables. Just thought I’d mention that.


  10. Sargasso Sea

    Horses are excellent people; they do not set out to intentionally harm anyone even though they very well could, and often should but don‘t.

    And dogs are women’s best friend.


  11. joy

    Yes, that is exactly how to ride a horse, FABLibber.

    (I always tend to think everyone other than newbies rides like I do, like it’s a combo of yoga and energy healing, but this is not the case.)

    I evented (the cross-country jumping) old-school style (before the sport became scaled back for yuppies), and rode hunter-jumpers, and then dabbled in classical high-level dressage; after an injury I scaled back to only ground-training, and now I really wonder about the ethics of riding again at all. Horses are my friends, not machines, and I cannot oppress even them (any more than living in a box for eight to twenty hours a day, depending on the weather, already oppresses them).

    I’m okay with one gelding (the gelding I raised from a baby — I should really rename him Nigel, so I can have my first opportunity to say “Not my Nigel!”), but otherwise I too love mares. They have so much personality and are so eager to please.

    But even knowing how to ride well (not to toot my own horn; I wasn’t a great rider, but I could ride very well), and cultivating relationships with the horses you ride, and not being abusive in any way, there is still always the danger of being hurt.
    The gelding popped me off a number of times, just having fun, not realizing the flimsy human would fall off (he loved to jump so much as a youngster that he would often buck in play after landing from a fence, and as he is a very athletic bucker, he always succeeded in dislodging me). The mares have spooked (I specialize/d in mares who have PTSD) and kicked me while I was working them on the ground, just because they are, I think justifiably, lashing out at anything in their eagerness to run away. There is always the possibility of a spooking and/or runaway, moreso with some horses than others, and even the most skilled rider can lose her seat (or get run over or have fingers or toes broken on the ground).

    Which is why I say, horses can hurt or kill you, but at least they have the excuse of not knowing any better.


  12. FAB Libber

    and now I really wonder about the ethics of riding again at all.
    It’s ok if you get their permission, and their ongoing permission.
    And be grateful they are doing you the favour.
    They are quite sociable really.

    Experienced riders wonder how I get along with the horsies. It’s because I don’t treat them like servants, and treat them with the respect (and intelligence) they deserve.

    Most animals take to me anyway. Just work on their level, and don’t try to exploit or control them. Simple.


  13. veganprimate

    Sorry if my previous comment doesn’t make sense. I thought I was posting right after S4’s comment.

    FAB Libber said: “Most animals take to me anyway.”

    I’m the same way. People are always amazed, b/c they’ll say, “Oh, don’t try to pet Rascal, he’ll bite you. He hates strangers.” Ten minutes later, Rascal will be in my lap. Even my friend’s dog who is probably the most neurotic, special needs dog only took about two hours to end up curled up on the couch with my rubbing her ears.


  14. FAB Libber

    I’m the same way. People are always amazed, b/c they’ll say, “Oh, don’t try to pet Rascal, he’ll bite you. He hates strangers.” Ten minutes later, Rascal will be in my lap.
    Yep. Same. “so-and-so [usually cat] does not like strangers, very snobby”. Five minutes later, “zmog, s/he has never done that before…”

    I walk down my street and talk to all the neighbourhood cats and dogs.

    It’s easy peasy. Just don’t have ‘harm’ on your mind. Treat them as valid lifeforms, worthy of respect.

    This would be the part that teh menz don’t get. ‘Must harness, must control’
    Fuck you dudes…


  15. joy

    “It’s easy peasy. Just don’t have ‘harm’ on your mind. Treat them as valid lifeforms, worthy of respect.

    This would be the part that teh menz don’t get. ‘Must harness, must control’
    Fuck you dudes…”

    Exactly. I have the same effect on animals (and now apparently small children, who gravitate towards me in public places) because I simply see them as, well, people. That sounds insane, but as you said: I just have great respect for them as sovereign beings.

    I can take a terrified (as in shaking, foaming, lashing out, biting) mare that no one will handle, and turn her right around in no time. My favorite mare, Anna, was so traumatized from previous “trainers” that she would immediately attack and try to kill her handlers; male trainers, mostly Parelli cowboy types, were shocked when twenty minutes after meeting her I had her following me like a puppy, her head down and eyes relaxed, without a lead rope.
    They still insist I had grain in my pocket. I didn’t. I just didn’t hate or abuse or try to control her.

    As far as permission: I always asked for my gelding’s permission to ride, and never rode him when he didn’t seem to think it was “fun.” Now that he hasn’t been ridden for over a year (I was away), he doesn’t seem to think it’s fun at all any more. I’d like to take him at least on trail rides again, and make it fun like it once was, but for now we just hang out.
    Other people claim, as they always have, that I’m “spoiling” him, but their horses are the ones who will charge you with teeth bared if they see you coming with the saddle — we have different definitions of “spoiled.”


  16. joy

    (They can still kill you, though. Even when she was as healed as she was ever going to be [women could handle her easily, she would lead quietly and allow herself to be brushed], if Anna got spooked — which I thought of as ‘triggered’ — by something in the environment, like loud man-voices or certain shadows or noises, she would still lash out in a blind panic, even at me. She didn’t want to hurt me, but her instinct to live was much stronger than her instinct to protect me.
    Dude, the gelding, thinks of me as a sibling and has a very strong instinct to protect me, but he has still injured me several times in incidents that were neither his nor my fault. Horses just perceive things differently than we do. Almost as if they are on acid or stoned — or have intense PTSD, in cases of horses like Anna.)


  17. FAB Libber

    (and now apparently small children, who gravitate towards me in public places)
    Yeah that too. Babies and small children, even though I don’t fawn over them. I used to think it was some sort of evil baby plot to get me to have one… (didn’t work)


  18. FAB Libber

    I’m also recommending Jade Hunter

    The part with Jade that I had a problem with, was she made some comment that radfems were somehow wrong on certain aspects or something, and that she knew better? Considering she is young, that young arrogance was the part I had the problem with. I did read through quite a bit of her blog.

    It is a common theme through a lot of young radfem blogs.

    It is not that I am not open to new ideas, but the mistake they make is thinking they have ‘all the solutions’ or whatever. I don’t even claim that, and I’ve been an adult longer than most of them have been alive.

    When reviewing older radfem stuff, it is also important to view it within the historical context, as specific circumstances may have had particular influences. Or, recognise that sometimes the ideas were just the foundations that needed expanding or fleshing out or fine tuning. Certain things have changed dramatically over the last 30-40 years, not just the availability of porn, but the direction of porn, and other social circumstances as well.

    I do actually like the fact that I am older, and have witnessed these changes over time. It has been interesting to see different manifestations of control via the meeja for example.



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