More new discoveries!

It’s been a busy day at Twanzphobic Central, yet more exciting new blogular discoveries.

Via a comment left at Noanodyne’s, I discovered BevJo had a blog. I know, I am probably slow, and some of you have already discovered the blog. I consider it a remarkable achievement, considering I really should have done a ton of other things today.

BevJo is an always-lesbian, and campaigner for FAB-only and lesbian-only spaces.

I get an immediate twanzphobic ‘fail’ due to:

One way to begin to fight their oppressing Lesbians and women is to refuse to give them what they want. At the very least, PLEASE stop calling them “women” in any form, and stop using female pronouns for them.

Yep, because I do call them trojan-women (TW). Although hopefully I am partially redeemed on the pronoun thing. And I might get more points by using the terms always-lesbian and later-lesbian? Time will tell if I am too much of a lightweight. 😛

I have started reading BevJo’s blog from the beginning, her Defining Lesbians Out of Existence is an essential read for lesbian-only and FAB-only spaces. Just that one piece of writing covers so much ground on the issues of female-only spaces. There were just to many great paragraphs in there to select just a few.

Don’t forget to read her page on Always a Lesbian as well, which also covers compulsive heterosexuality for females, inherent male violence, and the oppression of always-lesbians.

8 thoughts on “More new discoveries!

  1. FAB Libber

    You are welcome BevJo. I am still reading through your site at the moment (every piece is quite involved, and raises many issues). I can understand, totally, where you are coming from on radical-lesbianism (as a later-lesbian, yeah gawd-damn I like to erase my past) but at the same time, it was a learning experience from the inside that also gives a unique perspective. I will probably write more on het-indocrination, because that really is an essential key to patriarchy.

    I know that some of your writings were written some time ago, some with updates. Definitely much of it is as valid today as it was when it was written, and I can also understand some of the always-lesbian, radical-lesbian stance on certain issues as an important rite-of-passage to always-lesbian identity.

    You write too of the innate qualities of males (no disagreement there) and I think the het-indocrination of females is an exploitation of a natural procreation urge, exploited to justify the het-coupling, nuclear family, thing (which is totally a crap system of raising offspring). My stance has been that, left to their own devices (without the het/patriarchy grooming) many less females would procreate, and far more would be lesbians, and also, many would be celibate. Under the current system, millions of females are forced into procreation and so-called heterosexuality. The numbers of later-lesbians bear that out. Without the het grooming, there would be even more!

    I had just finished reading your “Heterosexuality/selling out is not compulsory” btw.

    Just so you know I’m not totally a wimp/sellout, I will state that I am prepared to kill to keep my vaginal integrity intact. More females need to think and be trained that way. Yes, that is right, I have stated that it is justifiable homicide to kill any male that unauthorisedly sticks his dick into other people.


  2. Bev Jo

    Thanks so much. This is a great welcome. A friend had started a blog for me at blogspot, but it was a nightmare to post. Anyway, in the next few days I’ll figure out how to list all your blogs, and try to add more writing. This could become addictive!


  3. FAB Libber

    Bev, in your dashboard, down the menu on the left.
    Appearance, Widgets, then drag and drop the Blogroll into the right. There are settings there as well. I also recommend having comments there too (again it has settings) so that people don’t miss comments from older posts.



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