Isn’t 30+ years of waiting for workplace equality enough?

Sort of a step in the right direction from Australia, but FFS, the equal pay and equal opportunities thing has been around in most countries for the last 30-40 years, and yet we still only get paid about 80-85% of what men do? Thanks to MarySunshine for finding the article below:

Australia to introduce equality ‘spot checks’

Australia will send inspectors to conduct “spot checks” of businesses to ensure workplaces are treating women equally to men.

Officials from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency will check businesses employing more than 100 people to ensure there is no discrimination against women, particularly in areas such as salaries, working conditions and promotions. The Government will end all contracts with businesses that fail.

But the plan has met fierce resistance and was branded “totalitarian” by the opposition.

The debate followed a speech this week by the Governor General, Quentin Bryce, who made a rare foray into politics and called for quotas of women on company boards. Ms Bryce, the first woman to hold the position, said efforts to wind back “the old boys’ network” in boardrooms had been too slow.

But Julia Gillard, Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, said she was reluctant to impose mandatory quotas.

Speaking in Washington after an International Women’s Day function – where she sat on stage alongside Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton – Ms Gillard said the Government was committed to a non-compulsory target of 40 per cent.

“We are strenuously urging the private sector to act to get more women on to their boards,” she said.

“I view regulating as the last option. I want to see self-motivated change from Australian companies.”

But the Government has backed a plan to allow inspectors to ensure that businesses are promoting gender equality.

“There will be regular spot checks to ensure that the information that organisations are providing to the government actually matches how they conduct their day-to-day business,” said Kate Ellis, the Minister for the Status of Women.

Bronwyn Bishop, the Coalition’s spokesman on women, said the plan was “the sort of thing you would expect from a totalitarian regime”.

“But Julia Gillard, Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, said she was reluctant to impose mandatory quotas.”

I have to ask, why not mandatory quotas? The dudes, on a voluntarily basis, already under legislation for equal oppotunities for women, still fall dramatically short of any sort of equality for women, either in numbers in top management or payscale. Why are we still pussyfooting around this? We have given the dudes ample time to phase in equal numbers of female senior managers and to ensure equal pay (I mean, the equal pay thing, this requires an ACTIVE policy of discrimination to produce). How fucking patient are we meant to be?

See also GallusMag’s recent post on pay gap by sector.

Look how long we have been at this equal pay thing:

Protest photo (and details) from here.
Second protest photo from here.

I had to insert this third picture, which I found here.

And this one, found here:

4 thoughts on “Isn’t 30+ years of waiting for workplace equality enough?

  1. FAB Libber

    It’s really time the governments (all of them) started backing up their equal opportunities legislation with massive, massive fines. Asking nicely, waiting for companies to get around to it, just has NOT worked.


  2. Jilla

    Oh isn’t that cute. They came to the protest dressed like their grandmothers!

    Not? Oh.

    We do still hear that if we just asked nicely we’d get equality. Or if put out. It’s never our right, it’s always what value added we deliver along with our longer hours, heavier workload, fewer benefits to get 70% (Canada) of what they earn.

    And it doesn’t even play, because a guy with grade 10 education can work in the oil fields making $20-$30 thousand a month. No shit. And a woman just won’t get that job anyway. How could she leave her kids? Her aging mother? How will she pay for the ticket even if she can get a place in the tech school? If she does get a casual, temp job in construction during summer, and make hour for hour wage equality, she’ll be holdiing the “Slow” flag. We only need one of those.

    It nearly broke my heart at a stop sign one day, to see a young woman token in a hard hat, steel-tooed boots, well muscled and fit, being told to “run over and get that widget” will ya?” She was breathless and sweaty, but sang out “sure thing buuudddeee” as she skipped over culverts and across the road dodging cars to get what he needed. Trying to establish her solidarity with him. Something she’s never going to get.. “Sure thing budddeeee.”.


  3. ball buster

    This is an awesome post. It perfectly illustrates the fact that men will always look out for their wallet first, other men next, us? Never. Ever. People don’t get that well adjusted, healthy, well nourished kids don’t fall from the sky. Neither do nurses for sick or dying relatives who are forced to suffer alone while Mom is off working two jobs. It takes magical thinking to assume that women can just work and give (and have baybees falling out of our uteruses every nine months) and have a well cared for, healthy, well adjusted society. Of course men don’t have to give a shit about the health and well being of anyone but themselves, and even then they don’t have a fucking clue as to what is healthy or not.

    People blame feminism and breaking away from traditional, androcentric viewpoints as the reason for society’s crumbling. No, I blame the systematic slavery of women to low paying wages, a police state that cracks down on women and their kids more than they do the sex trafficking and pedophile rings, and the sheer laziness and apathy of men who are incapable of giving a fuck.

    Sorry about ranting there for a moment… but goddamn if the control system of money is at the root of women’s suffering. Money, in and of itself, is THE most useless, widespread object, created by men (who are themselves, useless and widespread) to control women and other men, although it goes without saying that I don’t give a fuck about those “other men.” They eventually use their money to oppress women, too.


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