Handbags at dusk!

Yep yep yep, just the sort of laydees I want to share a restroom with.

Taco shop brawl caught on video


A late night snack turned into a late-night brawl at a Hillcrest taco shop, and cell phone video of the fight has gone viral.

Last week, a group of men dressed in women’s clothing and wigs got into a melee in the early morning hours at La Fuente Mexican Food restaurant off University Avenue.

Video of the fracas posted on YouTube shows about a minute of the fight. Wigs go flying, tables and chairs are knocked over, men in tight dresses tumble to the floor as others slap and kick them with high heels.

A bouncer at a nearby bar who witnessed it all said the clash was sparked by an argument in among the men as they were waiting in line to order.

“They were arguing about who had the better body. There was just a lot of arguing going on, there was like ten of them.” Sid Young said. “Wigs were flying. There were big, high-heeled shoes flying.”

Many of the comments on YouTube about the video are comical, but some Hillcrest residents said it is no laughing matter. Resident Chrish Chamberlain said the video hurts the gay community’s image.

“I thought it was childish,” said Hillcrest resident Chris Chamberlain. “We’ve done so much to come so far, and it’s little things like this that kind of puts us a step back.”

Police showed up to break up the fight, but no one was arrested, witnesses said.

Customers told Fox 5 that this isn’t the only time fights have broken out at La Fuente. One customer said another scrap broke out over the weekend, and a window was broken. A restaurant employee told fights break out at the eatery at least once a month.

The police department said that it has increased patrols in the area in response to complaints about after hours fights in the area.

21 thoughts on “Handbags at dusk!

  1. FAB Libber

    I don’t care if they are drag queens, cross-dressers or trans, they all come under the tranz umbrella parasol. Under the tranzactivist wishes, these dudes would be a-ok in our Ladies room.
    *fuck off*


  2. noanodyne

    “Resident Chrish Chamberlain said the video hurts the gay community’s image. ‘I thought it was childish….’We’ve done so much to come so far, and it’s little things like this that kind of puts us a step back.’”

    No, it should make “the gay community” (whatever the hell that is) wake up and smell the shit wafting from those stiletto heels. “We” have not gotten nearly as far as we could have because of men’s sick fetishes and narcissism. If it had ever really been about “community” we would have seen these crazy narcissistic, play-acting fucks for what they are a LONG time ago. “Little things like this,” sir? Is it going to take a shit bomb going off in your face for you to get that these men don’t give a damn about anything but their fetishes?


  3. FAB Libber

    Well, you know what they are saying between the lines don’t you?
    “The gay community” are the dudes. Not the lesbians. It is fine and dandy to parody females (of any kind) for their little reindeer games. These dudes in drag are their kin.

    Some of us figured out quite a while ago that gay dudes are just as bad as straight dudes. When push comes to shove, they will throw all women under the bus. Their allegiance is to men.


  4. FAB Libber

    Oh, here is my snark for the day.
    How come, considering two of her favourite things were mentioned together (tacos and trans) did Twisty not get right onto this?

    Would that jeopardise her world view of bathroom sharing?
    After all, M2Ts are supposed to be just all warm and fuzzy and only interested on putting on lippy at the mirror and stuff. Not brawling and hissy slapping.


  5. noanodyne

    Yeah, lesbians figured out a long, long time ago and all along the way that not only are gay men just men, but men who can show their hatred for women that much more openly. Paris fashion week anyone? Lesbians had their fight for equality ignored in the 60s (Stonewall was all about queens, of course), we had to fight to be included in their “gay community centers” in the 70s (the only places that were offering services or legal support, women’s centers didn’t know what to do with us yet), had to bring three IDs to the mafia-owned homo bars if we wanted to get in in the 80s, and shove on over while the boys in stilettos took over the whole shebang in the 90s. We’ve been lumped together with them over certain issues, then we tried to create our own organizations, only to have the boys in stilettos take those over, too. I worked in the “community” in various roles over the years and had to tell myself that it really was that. Even after figuring it all out that it was only women who were building the community, I guess I reverted reflexively to thinking he meant the community I meant. Obviously fucking not.


  6. FAB Libber

    LMAO the taco /twisty comment, lolol
    It was inevitable. I had to go there. 😛

    the “community”
    Yup. One big dude club alright.

    It was ALWAYS the drag that pissed me off in ‘their scene’. Always.
    It was like, dudes – you like MEN, so are you gay, or are you closet straights?


  7. thebewilderness

    Certainly the behavior is deleterious to the gbt community. Recording it, documenting it, would seem to me to be doing them a service. Giving them an opportunity to embrace reality for just a mo couldn’t hurt.


  8. Jilla

    Of course they’re men. Whatever, theirs are the best, biggest, fastest, longest, hardest.

    Women make self-depracating remarks knowing their bodies are never right, let alone the best. Too big, too small, too fat, curly hair, wish it was curly, breasts too small or too big. Always ugly. Never good enough. A perfectly pretty actress can be called ugly Betty, gorgeous models whose husbands sleep with teenagers won’t be forgiven, Christie Brinkley stupidly turned 38.

    Only men would holler and bash away they are the best. We always know it’s not us. It’s the other girl.


  9. ball buster

    Holy shit, Fab, you weren’t kidding. Of course, the dude is worried about how it makes * gay men * look, nevermind how these dudes caricaturize born women by getting into stupid fights over “who has the better body.” Uh, hello, that whole mentality of judging women’s bodies started with MEN, and as we can see, that doesn’t change just because they wear a wig and high heels. That went flying. LMFAO that is just too goddamn funny.


  10. ball buster

    Hey Fab, I just got a new computer so I was finally able to see the video. Holy hell did you see how abusive they are, calling each other “fucking bitches” ect? Now, I know I’ve got a potty mouth but I don’t say that shit because it just ain’t fucking right, you know what I mean? It just goes to show how egoistic and infantile this shit is.


  11. veganprimate

    And they supposedly feel like women inside. Well, I’ve never felt like kicking the shi–oh, wait–bad example. 😉

    So, if they’ve admitted the whole feel-like-a-woman thing was a lie, doesn’t that mean GID is no longer a valid psychological condition? Shouldn’t the psychiatrists be furious for being played?


  12. FAB Libber

    Shouldn’t the psychiatrists be furious for being played?
    You would think, wouldn’t you?
    They are still claiming that GID exists, but it is all a bit vague really. After all, it is the patient that is defining the problem, the medicos seem to be just ticking enough boxes off their lists and going: “yep, you have GID”. In no other condition does the patient get encouraged to embrace their illness/condition like this one.


  13. Mary Sunshine

    Shouldn’t the psychiatrists be furious for being played?

    Oh! I thought you were going to say, “Shouldn’t the psychiatrists be furious for being paid?”


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