Tootsie of the Week: Miss Kerry Whybrow

Sorry, but no Toots.
A picture of Miss Kerry Whybrow, 66, formerly Roger Steed, on the day of his civil partnership to Jamaican lesbian, Alicia Evans, 37.

Go to here for the full article and more pictures. Article highlights:

This is 66-year-old Kerry Whybrow, dressed in a full-length custom-made lilac dress, tying the knot for the first time as a woman three years after undergoing a sex change on the NHS.

Her partner is Alcia Evans, a mother of one and almost 30 years her junior, who met Miss Whybrow through an international dating website.

Miss Whybrow spent 22 years in the fire service, fathered a daughter and enjoyed pursuits such as shark fishing, rugby and shooting during three marriages as the then Roger Steed.

The 6ft 2in former angling instructor met Miss Evans in 2008 but had spent just a fortnight with the 37-year-old Jamaican before she flew to England to prepare for their ‘wedding’.

Miss Evans, who has been living in Salt Lake City in the United States, arrived in December on a six month visa, which the couple hope will be extended in the light of their civil partnership.

While Miss Whybrow’s only child, Heather, 41, snubbed the ceremony – having disowned her father in 2005 when the then Mr Steed announced he wanted to change gender – the wedding was attended by his third wife Cindy Steed, who even hosted a reception at her bungalow outside King’s Lynn.

But I particularly like a couple of the comments on the article:

Wow, you could never tell she was a man.
– paul, Melton U.K., 12/2/2011 11:24

Lost for words really.
– Wind, In The Willows, 12/2/2011 10:26

Sex change operation on the NHS is wrong ! It is time to stop it and use the money on more important operations.
– stan white, leeds. uk, 12/2/2011 8:38

“(Miss Evan’s) parents do not know she is a lesbian, let alone that she has just entered into a civil partnership with a woman who was formerly a man.” They do now…
– Tanis, T.O., Canada, 12/2/2011 8:31

the photo looks like its from a comedy film—why do men who change sex think they look like a woman?? because they so clearly dont just look ,he looks like a bloke in drag be honest!!?
– miss shirley , borehamwood herts England, 12/2/2011 7:17

Chopping off your meat & two veg does not make you into a woman!
– Robbie, Hamilton NZ, 12/2/2011 4:48

and the best for last, from Dave of South Yorkshire who says:

I’m in a similar position myself – a transgendered, lesbian-identified bio-male, and I too am intending to transition. Thanks for leading the way, both of you! And thanks, Daily Mail, for a sympathetic take on the story – something the left-wing lot would have us believe you were incapable of x
– Dave Winstanley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 12/2/2011 11:28

‘Dave the bio-male lesbian’. ROTFLMAO. Sure Dave. Sure.

The point of my twanzphobic “Tootsie of the Week” post is to show that most M2Ts are not as convincing as ‘women’ as they maintain, and that most of the general population see you as ‘dudes in drag’.

It is also worthy to note that most of the online M2Ts that do post (tiny) pictures of themselves, have very poorly-lit shots – in the hopes that peeps will be as convinced of their womanhood. Sorry, but you remain unconvincing – you may have deluded yourself, but very few others.

“Barbie” of

– – – – –
Of course, “Tootsie” is the title of the 1982 film where out-of-work actor Michael Dorsey disguises himself as Dorothy Michaels in order to get work in a soap opera. Both parts played by Dustin Hoffman, the latter role with a shitload of pancake make-up.

Dustin Hoffman as Dorothy Michaels in “Tootsie”.

And, boo-hoo for the ‘transmisogyny’ in the film, as it actually shows the level of sexual harassment that FAB women routinely face. The character of Dorothy Michaels is believed, by all the other characters in the film, to be legitimately FAB, and gets treated the exact same way as any other FAB. No special snowflake status for being trans.

We keep trying to tell you M2Ts that sexism and misogyny sucks, that we have not been complaining over inconsequential little matters. If you pass as a ‘woman’, you get treated exactly the same as us FABs. If you don’t pass as a ‘woman’ and are seen as a ‘dude in drag’, then you get homophobia.

See also, standard blog disclaimer.

15 thoughts on “Tootsie of the Week: Miss Kerry Whybrow

  1. FAB Libber

    LOL, Frank shoulda stayed away from the peroxide. What’s with the rabbit-in-the-headlights expression?


  2. Jilla

    Maybe Paul was. But can you or someone explain to me why Alien Number is over at IBTK sucking up to Twisty? She wants to hang with a bunch of perverts on a blog where the owner calls us bigots?

    I was fairly tolerant to the people who do this, thinking you know, you are tolerant to the mentally ill. But I don’t think I can continue with that idea when they are encouraged in justifying their right to work for Planned Parenthood, counsel women raped and battered by men, apply for funding that was gained for women, be promoted to positions over the multitude of women who work for minimum wage and didn’t have a man’s privilege…

    And watch Alien Number in that last thread. Read that please and tell me what is going on?


  3. FAB Libber

    But can you or someone explain to me why Alien Number is over at IBTK sucking up to Twisty? She wants to hang with a bunch of perverts on a blog where the owner calls us bigots?

    I am going to guess that AN is under the impression that IBTP is ‘an important radfem blogsite’, and that it is (one of the main) ‘hubs of radical feminism’, and hence wants to participate at the forum, even whilst making certain moral compromises (like hanging out at a place where the blog owner uses terms like cuntalina). The ‘hub of radfeminism’ viewpoint is one promoted by Twisty herself, by virtue of the fact of not denying it, or by not commenting at any other blog. ‘We’ (subjects) go to her.

    I do not believe in this view. The hub IS radicalfeminism, not any one individual radfem blogger, we are all merely spokes leading into the hub of RF. This blog, me, all the other RF bloggers, all just spokes. The funfems/3rd wavers I guess would be the outside of the wheel, only getting the tiniest little elements of radicalfeminism, and having a limited view which compartmentalises all the issues.

    The Emperor Twisty, has no clothes!
    I am one of the kids that have been shouting that one for a while.


  4. Jilla

    I see a really desperate self and women hate from Twisty. Her hatred for her mother is unbelievable. It’s a thread throughout her posts. Oddly, Twisty looks a lot like her mother, who with her 50s hair and clothing looks a lot like Twisty’s trannies. Too complex for me to figure out. But from the start there was something else that I really disliked about Twisty. She’s predatory to young women, and I don’t view that any less disgusting than when 50 year old men do it. Her rollerderby posts nearly made me vomit.

    I guess I can see where wanting to hang with the radical feminists was what had me at Twisty’s, but that’s been exposed for what it is for sure now. So why if they have been told they will be banned do some of those we considered rad fems slobber all over her, this very day?

    Are there any women who really are radical feminists, or are they only wanting to hang with the cool crowd? We surely saw that with the funfems.

    Must do some research on the “birth-cetificate” trans crap.

    Uhh yes, and here, women-wanna-be’s do have to get a psychs sig. Fortunately, there are few provinces that pay for it. Not pay for someone’s diabetes testing equipment (up to $10 a day, imagine that on a woman’s pension) but pay for some shithead to get thousands and thousands in medical care.


  5. veganprimate

    “I think Paul from Melton was being a tad sarcastic…”

    Oh, duh. I see it now.

    “(maybe it is a British humour thing).”

    Yeah, I got some Monty Python DVD’s from the library a while back, and there would be entire skits where I would be sitting there thinking “Huh? Is this supposed to be funny?” Although, I’ve felt that way about Saturday Night Live as well.


  6. FAB Libber

    LOL VP.
    The clue was in the use of “wow” and “never”, when just looking at our Tootsie of the Week would prove otherwise. Irony.


  7. radicalesbian

    I didn’t know Frank was dead until I searched for that picture and found his obituary, which describes him as a “beloved father”. Heh.

    I don’t understand the desire to hang around IBTK. It’s become a trans/male apologist wasteland.


  8. joy

    From the article:

    “‘He once trained to be a social worker and he came home and said his tutor had called him a sexist, a racist, and a homophobe and said he was screwed up.’”

    Well then.

    I honestly don’t know what to say. Other than laugh. And hope for Ms. Evans’s safety.


  9. FAB Libber

    Yeah, I hope she is ok. Given the racist mention, it is a worry.

    As for Frank, beloved father…
    oh well, he won’t make Tootsie of the Week. His week has passed, and we all missed it.
    I wonder if it was all the hormone crap he put into himself? Yeah, they would keep that shit quiet.


  10. FAB Libber

    Here’s the thing. The Tootsie category is reserved for those dudes who, after 40, 50, 60 years, *suddenly* decide they are a laydee.

    But, due to a life-fucking-time of testosterone acting on their bodies (biology baby, suck it up) they rarely make convincing-looking women. They almost always look like a dude in a dress.

    The ONLY convincing way for a male (if he is xy and not xxy or anything, which is intersex anyway) to look female is to block the action of testosterone and/or take estrogen, from an early age. Given that the young are given to change their minds about stuff – a lot – this is not a good idea. Let nature take its course people. You are what you were born you are, as far a biological sex goes. Deal with it.

    And fuck, as females, we have had NOTHING BUT dealing with it, the shitty deal we have been dealt.


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