Bait and switch

Something I have noticed about online discussions and ‘debates’, particularly around the subjects of porn, male violence, prostitution, rape and even trans issues, is that the defenders of these things distract from the points we raise, using several tactics.

Depending on the topic, say male violence, the most common tactic is ‘exceptionalism’. The most obvious one is “men are victims too” which tries to obscure the overwhelming fact that victims are predominately female, and the perps and very predominantly male. Even when male victims exist in victim categories, they are as likely, or more likely to be victims of other males, not females. In looking at topics like domestic violence, you must always analyse the perp and victim stats side by side to see the trend. Ballbuster has written a post on exceptionalism. Exceptionalism are the minority cases held up in order to try and disprove the (majority) rule. Trans try to do this with the intersex case, as if it proves anything other than they are idiots.

Bait and switch is another common tactic. Whereby the male suppremacist supporter will either pretend to address our direct question(s), but somehow twist it around in their answer by not answering the direct question, and answering something else, or just posing a question in response that usually relies on some sort of exceptionalism. Here is a bit of an example out in the wild. I found this link* via one comment on one of the IBTP trans threads:

I always find this very frustrating, but I think an important point is highlighted by the way this debate is typically framed.

The “trans people in public toilets” debate is almost always framed in terms of protecting cis women from trans women

Quite often this framing is not explicit, but is implicit in the language used to frame the issue, and in terms of what is and is not said.

The issue we frame is about protecting FAB women, but not necessarily from “transwomen” (although that can be part of it). The main issues we bring up are multi-faceted and not quite as simplistic. Transactivists aren’t that discerning as to who they let into their little clubhouse, including “transwomen” with penises. So that is the first problem, their lack of drawing a distinct line on ‘woman’, their party line is “anyone who feels like they are a woman” or “anyone who identifies as a woman”. They aren’t too fussy, and rapists/pervs and murderers who quite obviously dress or use this line to get close to their (female) victims, or get transferred from a men’s prison into a female one, or avoid jail altogether. On second thoughts, perhaps we should be afraid of them! But the primary issue is that transactivists refuse to draw the line, opening up places like women’s restrooms to “anybody”, when they are already dangerous enough without even allowing men in there. Transactivists insist that their feelings and ‘rights’ to be seen as women, trump women’s safety. No deal.

Another bait and switch tactic so very commonly used is how twanzphobic radfems are. It is not the radfems bashing or murdering M2Ts, it is men. Are they ever singled out like radfems are? No, they only ever get mentioned in a general ‘the whole world is soooo twanzphobic’ kind of way. Only the radfems constantly get slapped down with the ‘haters’ and ‘twanzphobic’ labels for merely using words to express disagreement with the trans ideology. Hardly the same as having your brains being blown away by some homophobic (twanzphobic) dude, is it? So go ahead transactivists, find all those cases of bashings and murders of M2Ts committed by radfems. That fruitless search should keep you busy for a while.

The final tactic they use, when the above tactics or silencing techniques aren’t working is to lie.

The reason these threads of ‘debate’ get so long is not because they are overly complex, but there is a shit load of time wasted untangling all of the above tactics. Well done to all of you who go in there and hold the radfem position – mAndrea, delphyne, yttik, AlienNumber, Noanodyne, and the many others.

– – – – –
Standard disclaimer:
Now, just before you go off testerically screaming “twanzphobia”, highlight the passages that:
1) denied you were a human
2) said I hated you
3) wished you bodily harm (telling you to piss off or calling you ‘idiot’ does not count)
4) point to the ‘loads’ of articles where radfems physically have beaten the crap out of a transperson
If you find those bits, then please do run around screaming “twanzphobia”.

– – – – –
Radfems, feel free to use or adapt the disclaimer in any of your posts or comments. It *might* stop the twanzphobic namecalling, but I doubt it.

– – – – –
*trans link:

6 thoughts on “Bait and switch

  1. ball buster

    “The issue we frame is about protecting FAB women, but not necessarily from “transwomen” (although that can be part of it).”


    My god, how hard is that for them to understand? Don’t they give a shit that if they succeed in making it acceptable for men to waltz into women’s restrooms wearing a dress, that ANY man in a dress regardless of ‘gender identity’ – would be given access to women in a space of privacy where we are vulnerable.

    If they were fighting to put a single room bathroom in every building across the world, I would support that. But they aren’t interested in creating their own space to use the bathroom. They want to be in our spaces and bathrooms, without giving a shit of the risks it poses to us.

    Nooo they are only concerned with themselves. They do not care about FAB women or the risk of pregnancy or disease for that matter. They do not care what happens to FABs as long as they get validation for their ‘gender identity.’


  2. joy

    “Look, I pass!!” is apparently the ultimate goal.

    When I had anorexia, I too suffered horror whenever I looked in the mirror. The goal too was always “matching” what I wanted to see, and when I finally “matched”, I celebrated that too. Yet somehow anorexia’s not championed as a particularly healthy form of “self expression” (except among deeply disturbed and self-loathing individuals). It’s definitely not considered a positive way of dealing with dysphoria.


  3. FAB Libber

    as long as they get validation for their ‘gender identity.’
    ^^^^THIS is the main bloody reason.
    The unacceptable trade-off is our safety for their validation.


  4. Undercover Punk

    Hey Joy, thanks for sharing your story. I’m a big fan of drawing parallels between eating-disorder BID (usually associated with “feminine” anxiety) and gender-based BID (usually associated with anti-“feminine” anxiety, if you follow me). I think the most basic differences can be see in the perceived origins of ED (social conditioning) versus gender disorders (innate) and treatment: ED treats the brain, gender dysphoria treats/supports mutilation of the body.



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