TRANSfer of control via trojan horsie

FAABs are easily hookwinked by using their strengths against them. Things like compassion, championing the underdog or oppressed persons. All good traits, all easily exploited by the unscrupulous.

Used by our oppressors, it is just another arrow in their arsenal. Out in the real world, infiltration has serious consequences for FAABs and their safety. In theory, it is all very well to say “ok, trans can use women’s restrooms, no worries!”, but in practice it results in potentially a lot more harm exposure. Even before TWs are welcomed into FAAB restrooms, women’s restrooms are already not a safe place for FAABs. OK, a little sign on the door may not stop all the rapists and murderers from entering, but when the women’s restroom becomes ‘open to all’ (who “identify as women blah blah”), then that also enables more predators to enter these spaces as well, because let’s face it, many M2Ts don’t look quite as womanly as they may think, a huge majority come off looking like a bloke in drag.

The transactivist policy is an all-encompassing one. Anyone that “feels like a woman” is welcomed into the fold. Does not matter if they are pre-op or post-op, or never going to op, all are welcomed under the trans umbrella. My non-negotiable stance is a no-willy policy before I will even contemplate sharing the category ‘woman’ with anyone, let alone restroom. That is because the penis is, and always has been, used as a weapon against us, and is instrumental in our sexual oppression. So until transactivists are a little more discerning on their club policy, I am not listening.

Nor should our safety be SACRIFICED in order to make M2Ts safer or more comfortable in their gender dress-ups. One of the prime reasons transactivists and supporters give for M2Ts using our restrooms is their safety. That is all well and good, but what about our safety too? Stop throwing us under a bus, this has been done to every group of women/feminists when helping other oppressed groups. In the US, black men were given the vote long before black or white women. Clearly, racial equality is for men-only, and does not include women. Women had to fight for the vote on their own. Socialist/worker movements have done the same thing, women support the men, fight alongside them, when the basics are achieved for the men, women are sent off with “ok, thanks very much, now go make some tea”.

We always rank as second or last regarding everything. I will not compromise on our safety either. This is yet another example of putting our needs to the back of the queue, in favour of others, the MAABs.

And guess what, MAABs are using drag actively, to prey on FAABs. Don’t know, don’t care, how they fucking identify, this is a deliberate tactic these predators are using in order to get in close to their victims. [links to come on this, but I have seen a few of these stories in the news within the last six months or so] Why aren’t the transactivists doing anything about this? Because FAAB safety just ain’t their concern. Nor are any other FAAB issues, because when M2Ts claim to be “feminists too!!!” you will note that their blogs are all about trans, trans, and more trans, and fuck-all with regards to any other feminist issue, including core feminist issues. Call me fussy, but I ain’t letting you into the feminist club either, until you show me some actual feminism (that isn’t all about YOU). I am a feminist because I continue to fight for ALL FAAB rights, including reproductive issues, issues that no longer concern me personally because I am post-menopausal.

That’s out in the real world. In the cyberworld our radfem spaces are being colonised too, by the trans invasion. The F-Word is a prime example, the “trans-friendly” policy is non-negiotable over there, no anti-trans words are allowed, not even political analysis of trans issues. The F-Word feminists (mainly young 3rd wavers) have not only welcomed M2Ts onto the blog, they have completely and utterly submitted to them, the most obvious is the usage of calling themselves cis-women and cis-feminists (cis-feminists, wtf??). Yes, so well do these 3rd wavers know their place in relation to males, that MAABs become “King of Women” too. OK sure, the place was rife with feminist-lite to begin with, but now any resemblance to a feminist blog is purely co-incidenal. Most of it is about their “trans sisters” and shoes and make-up now. About as feminist-edgy as a circle.

The current invasion is at IBTP. For years Twisty remained fairly tight-lipped on the trans thing, but in recent weeks, has come out with 110% support for all trans issues. The majority of her sycophantic followers are in line with that (just witness the ‘sparticus is my sister’ on the translucent thread, if that alone does not show the depth of cult following, I don’t know what does).

As Noandyne noted, Twisty is arguing from the position of protecting oppressed persons – that in itself is fine – but if that cost is at the expense of other oppressed persons (FAABs), then the proposal is a poor one. Besides, I am sick of FAABs having to accommodate everyone else’s needs BEFORE their own, sacrificing ourselves or our safety, to benefit ‘others’. Same shit, different day. Enough already. When is the world going to get around to us, FAABs? On the current timetable, a bit after never.

This is not the first trans takeover (via trojan horsie method) that I have seen, it has happened to other radfems (mainly newbie radfems, but also one of longstanding that I will not mention here). The same thing also happened with a sex-pozzie invasion of newbie radfem blogs. These newbie radfems, full of compassion for others, had their virtue used against them to be ‘inclusive’ of the pozzie view. Within a short space of time, the blogs were no longer radfem, but sex-pozzie. Same thing is happening with the trans invasion of feminist and radfem blogs, once a blog becomes ‘trans friendly’ it quickly degenerates into being FAAB-hostile, and thereafter, most issues revolve around transworld, FAAB issues like reproduction quickly become footnotes on the blog.

So will IBTP come out of the nose-dive into transfest? Probably not. It is already in Stage 2, and quickly descending into Stage 3 (the final takeover as a trans satellite blog).

Certainly every blog owner has the right to blog as she sees fit. There are no radfem police. Ultimately they will take their own path. Later on down that path they may come to regret their decision as they look around and see who their ‘friends’ are (primarily obsessed with themselves, make-up, heels, and cosmetic surgery). Whilst they do get welcomed back to radfemism if they change their mind, there is a hell of a lot of trust that has to be rebuilt, they remain probationary for quite a while.

No, we can’t stop this. But we can raise awareness of the political tactics designed to make our political strategies ineffective. Keeping pro-FAAB (not anti-trans!!) blogs going is a good way to bring together the sparse population of radfems together. No, we have not lost the war, but we must recognise that we face a major battle. Radfems will fight on until their last breath. It is not just a political ideology, but a state of mind, and part of the core of our being.

16 thoughts on “TRANSfer of control via trojan horsie

  1. FAB Libber

    Stage 1 – no strongly stated position on trans, or relatively friendly open-to-all. Opposing views still allowed.
    Stage 2 – stating some preference for trans inclusion, anti-trans views strongly opposed/silenced.
    Stage 3 – trans-friendly, FAAB-hostile. FAABs now regarded as 2nd class citizens.


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  3. Sargasso Sea

    Excellent FL, just excellent.

    I’d love to add more to the discussion but it’s a travel day for me. Catch y’all when I can!


  4. Jilla

    Terrific work, all of you. Just astounding. I go to bed at 2 a.m. wake up .>>. hours later and all this, here, GallusMag, Noanodyne (FCM during the week). You all rock. I’m just gonna read, apart from saying:

    Twisty/Jill is a fabulously rich white women. Trust fund/land owning/multiple-horsie and Porsche owning rich. I doubt she has to use the washrooms I do, where I do, or those used by other women like me. We have already been forced to share them with men and (well, men!) owing to someone’s GBT trender-conformity what about the menz sensibilities. Fed up with that.

    But back to you: fanfuckingtastic work FabL, noanodyne, Gallus, all of you I’ve not made the rounds yet, pre-caffeine.

    Time to reinstigate the rad fem blog awards! But of course everyone wins, but let’s get it out there. Hey Joy! I’m talking to you.


  5. FAB Libber

    I have been busy today (busy wasting time and avoiding the other stuff I should be doing). I wrote not one, but two posts today.


  6. FAB Libber

    Ah, it is good to see that EVERY time I write a twanzphobic post, it gets shared via yahoo emails. Does not happen when I write the run-of-the-mill posts that only concern the world of FAABs, my twanz fanz just aren’t interested.
    Selective feminsim eh?
    Thank you for proving a point! kissy-kissy, and apply your lippy.


  7. noanodyne

    Great post bringing a lot of stuff together. Thanks for the links and thanks to everyone for the support. We really just need to keep plugging away at this, supporting each other, and standing strong.

    Pro-FAAB is exactly right. When I was working on the Lexicon (which I’m still working on as a page), I realized we also really need a manifesto/position statement. A big, big, big part of the problem is that transactivists have been framing the debate for so long and in such simplistic terms and in so many places that even women who should know better get confused and freaked out. I think that’s part of the reason why they just turn off their brains and fall back on the privilege-oppression mantra the trans are providing them.

    Manifesto anyone?


  8. FAB Libber

    I made a start (finally got around to it) to make a page of my oft-used terms and phrases. It was surprising how quickly M2T was taken up, and it is now my default. FAB/FAAB was also taken up quickly. We just have to keep using all of this stuff and make it known outside our circles to filter into mainstream.

    You are right, trans burst onto the scene and started framing everything, and feminist-lite etc adopted their pov very quickly (I mean, they were in a dress and lippy, so they must rilly rilly be ‘women’! /snark). When it came around to foisting the frickin cis label onto us, it got my back up, to put it mildly. Up to that point I had been fairly respectful in debate, using their preferred pronouns etc, then they pull this cis shit. Nope. Fuck off. Dropping of the pronoun courtesy followed soon after.

    So yeah. Worthwhile exercise to take control of the language. One of those Ye Olde Feminist things that goes back years. Even prior to twanzworld no less!


  9. Jilla

    It must be great to have their men’s career benefits and salaries and be able to afford to sit around harassing women, taking funding and protections meant for women, demand and get resources and positions meant for women (as little as they were to begin with and fought for so hard by generations of women — they are now even less).


  10. ball buster

    Brilliant post! I agree with it all! I couldn’t have said it better.

    “Call me fussy, but I ain’t letting you into the feminist club either, until you show me some actual feminism (that isn’t all about YOU).”



  11. Aileen Wuornos

    Within a short space of time, the blogs were no longer radfem, but sex-pozzie. Same thing is happening with the trans invasion of feminist and radfem blogs, once a blog becomes ‘trans friendly’ it quickly degenerates into being FAAB-hostile, and thereafter, most issues revolve around transworld, FAAB issues like reproduction quickly become footnotes on the blog.

    Yes, yes, yes. *coughcough*TheCurvature*coughcough*


  12. Aileen Wuornos

    I think so, used to read it a few years ago when I first started lurking/writing. They link to Questioning Transphobia though, which really says it all. It’s just thecurvature dot com.


  13. radfemcrafts

    It’s so true about our knee-jerk compassion and instinct to say, “No worries!” My own instinct to do this, as you know, is still so fresh in my mind and my brain’s just replaying that loop over and over and over. It’s really hard to drop that perceived “compassion” because it’s very tied to our perceptions of ourselves. I want to be a kind person, who doesn’t, right? But it wasn’t kindness, it was just blind stumbling around, unexamined acceptance of what mainstream society was telling me.

    Just terrible how the cruelty plays so handily into our socialization.


  14. FAB Libber

    Males have always exploited females’ good qualities like compassion, understanding, empathy, and also used those qualities against them.
    So I had a compassion-bypass. 😉



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