Exposure to harm

This is a bit of a random thought connection post, thinking it out as I type, so as per my writing tradition, no structure, no form. I was reading over at Ball Buster’s First PIV Post, and her comment about the male pill, and why it has taken so damn long to roll one out – because they are making sure that it is nice and safe, and no menz will be harmed (or made permanently sterile). Just added in that last bit about permanent sterility, more later.

Anyway, it is clear from the (very fast) Gardasil rollout that female safety with the immunisation programme was not a huge concern, and further to that, the female immunisation programme served the purpose of using females as the human guinea pigs. See my (rather ‘eloquent’ comment on that thread):

[Ballbuster said:]The risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots – I guess it’s ok for women to suffer those but de menz are too valuable to put at risk
Oh absofuckinglutely. It’s “let’s make sure it is nice and safe before we risk menz”. It’s like the Gardasil thing. Rolled out en masse to girls (as guinea pigs, to see the mortality rate) even though it made no sense to only do half the probable het population. Only now, after the guinea pig trials (on girls), are some countries rolling out the mass vaccinations for boys.

The key point that tips us off that female (teens) were being used as guinea pigs is the fact that it was first rolled out as a girls-only thing, with immunising half the (assumed-to-be) het population is not going to be as effective. The second clue is that it is now going to be rolled out to teen boys (Australia I think it is). Nice. Teen girls used as guinea pigs in this “war against cervical cancer” propaganda. Of course it is a propaganda, it only immunises against a couple of strains of HPV.

I believe it is far more than the guinea pig trialling, or about females shouldering more burden regarding fertility matters when males should be the ones shouldering the greater responsibility due to their greater fertility (24/7 vs the female few days per month).

Yes conspiracy theorists, I believe another sinister motive lies behind this whole Gardasil thing. That it is to keep females fertile, avoiding premature fertility, and therefore exposing them to pregnancy risk for longer.

The discussion thread at Undercover Punk’s Rape as Oppression (also numerous threads at FCM’s) discuss fear of pregnancy for women of childbearing age (or assumed to be of possible childbearing age).

Speaking as one of the post-menopausals, yes, it is one great relief not to be impregnated or impregnated against my will (via rape). I remember from the former het days how that worry of pregnancy was always there in the back of my mind, even for consensual het sex. Certainly fear of diseases, the violation of rape itself, etc, does not go away, but there is a certain degree of a sense of freedom with regards to not being able to be impregnated.

Other reasons for the Gardasil rollout are of course to keep a generous supply of females available to multiple partners, whereas some might balk at that notion with the HPV risks. So it keeps the supply of het fodder, and also keeps them potentially fertile and exposed to pregnancy risk for longer. And with regards to the male pill, and possible infertility, this is also the reason patriarchy don’t want to risk male infertility – to keep their impregnating risk factor to FAABs. It would certainly take some of the male buzz out of rape if that female-specific risk was not there. Otherwise, in the words of UCP, they could just stick a carrot up your nose to violate you.

Devious, no?

4 thoughts on “Exposure to harm

  1. ball buster

    This is a great post! I didn’t even think of them using the HPV vaccine as yet more propaganda to reinforce the idea that reproductive and sexual responsibility belongs in the realm of the “feminine mystique” but I totally see it. They’ll do anything to make sure that women and girls are treated that THEIR bodies, THEIR sexuality is open to public debate and criticism, regardless that men are fertile 100% and are pretty much allowed to sleep around with impunity no matter what the consequences are.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it!


  2. FAB Libber

    The pov I looked at it from was not ‘benefits to women’ (even if that is a side issue, and given as the main reason).

    When the female oral contraceptive pill (OCP) was first brought out in the 60s, the pill was very high dose, and probably many women died from strokes and clots. The OCP enabled women to be available for the sexual use of many men, which I would put as the primary reason, even though the reasons given were to help women control the size of their families (a collatoral reason). The latter still benefits men anyway, who may not have wished to support more kids.


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  4. sellmaeth

    Did anyone know about HPV before they invented this vaccination?
    I think the main purpose is to make money. (I recently read this: https://rootveg.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/gender-is-a-social-construct/comment-page-1/#comment-254 , and think it explains a lot).
    Likely the “Must make money” premise on which the pharma industry operates also has to do with patriarchy in a way.

    The sensible way to act after finding out that nuns don’t get cervical cancer would have been to tell girls honestly about the dangers. But they couldn’t do that because girls might then refuse PIV. (That girls and women may never refuse PIV is one of the rules of patriarchy that I don’t think men even think about consciously anymore.)
    So they developted a vaccine, and only then made it public that, hey, cervical cancer can totally be avoided if you a) remain a virgin or b) get vaccinated, after the latter option became feasible.

    The fact that no one questioned the vaccination of girls only is symptomatic of patriarchy.



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