Menz cry: Discrimination!!11!!

It is probably the ONLY area where females have to pay less than males, but oh noes, teh cry babies now testerically scream “discrimination!!!”.

As women, we pay more for haircuts, clothes, shoes, everything. The one area we don’t, is car insurance.

So teh menz are now claiming it is ‘sex discrimination’ because the one area of life they pay more is sooooo very unfair.

Insurance premiums are calculated on risk. Male drivers have more accidents, particularly the under-25s (so much for their bullshit that they are better drivers … Rule #1 is don’t hit anything dudes). Females are statistically better drivers with less accidents.

But wait, it gets worse!

Instead of evening out the premiums (which means that females would be subsidising the petrol-head-morons, which is bad enough) with females paying more and males paying less, to meet in the middle – oh noes, that is not the proposal at all. It is merely to keep the males’ premiums roughly as they are, with little or no saving, and jack up the price for female drivers only. For no reason whatsoever.

Obligatory twansphobic remark:
Lower car insurance premiums must be why there are more M2Ts. LOL

Insurers set for sex discrimination ruling

Young women could face big increases in the cost of car insurance, if insurers are told that they have to stop quoting different prices for men and women.

The European Court of Justice will decide whether it is a form of sex discrimination which should be banned.

If so, some women drivers in the UK could eventually face 50% rises in the cost of insuring their cars.

The ruling could affect the cost of pension annuities, life assurance and health cover as well.

The gulf between men’s and women’s motor cover is particularly wide for drivers who have recently passed their tests.

Nick and Emma Lane, a brother and sister from Bishop’s Stortford, feel the difference more acutely than most.

Nick and Emma are twins. They are 18 years old, so they suffer from the highest insurance rates.

More than that, they each had three attempts at the driving test before passing. And they succeeded within weeks of each other.

They are as similar as drivers can be, apart from the difference in sex.

Yet when they fed their details into an online price comparison site, Nick’s motor insurance quote was twice as high.

“I don’t like it all,” Nick says. “I think it’s ridiculous that I have to pay double the amount she does when we’re not actually that far apart in terms of driving ability.”

Lower premium

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) argues that people get a deal which accurately reflects their situation.

“The facts show young male drivers are most at risk of accidents on the road, so young women currently pay a lower premium for their car insurance,” explains the ABI’s Nick Starling.

The quotes that Emma and Nick received were for a 1.2 litre Vauxhall Corsa from 2003. They reflect the 58% increase in rates suffered by the 17-22 age group over the past year.

But while Emma’s best quote was an uncomfortable £1,700, Nick’s was an eye-watering £3,400.

“It does seem a bit unfair,” says Emma. “But it’s all right for me because I have to pay less.”

Of course, if the ruling goes against her then, eventually, she would have to pay a great deal more.

Wishful thinking

The ABI suggests that young women could face an average increase of 25%, rising to 50% for the least experienced.

Research published by the insurers at the end of last year estimated that men under 25 could expect a 10% fall in premiums on average.

That is wishful thinking, according to many in the insurance industry.

“It’s entirely certain that women’s premiums will go up. I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever that men’s premiums will come down,” says a leading insurance broker, Mike Williams.

“And the reason for that is that men have more accidents and when they have accidents they’re more expensive.”

And Nick Lane has this confession to make: “I did nearly kill a cat in one of the driving tests I failed. But I’m really not that bad a driver.”

So, if they are really “similar” drivers, how come his sister didn’t “nearly kill a cat”?

10 thoughts on “Menz cry: Discrimination!!11!!

  1. ball buster

    Unbelievable! This kind of reminds me of American men whining when their health insurance takes their Viagra away, but women are often left to pay for their own birth control prescriptions. Cry me a river, doods.


  2. Jilla

    The rates are very high. And they may go higher? I wonder how the young women will manage, what with making 70 percent of what their bros. earn to begin with.


  3. veganprimate

    Oh, that’s so fucked up. I wish men would just shut the hell up and quit being such whiny babies. They can’t frakkin’ drive, they can’t seem to figure out how to make a sandwich when their maid–er, I mean wife is gone for the day, they suck at having sex, and they can’t multitask at work. They are so goddamned useless it’s not even funny.


  4. veganprimate

    I just thought of something else while I was on the can. 😉 I do my deepest thinking there.

    Anyway, when women point out examples of sexism, men will counter with some sort of comment about how it’s not discrimination; it’s some inherent characteristic of women. Like the other day when I was talking to my dad about how late in history women got the right to vote, he said something like, “‘Women don’t care about politics.” Like it’s the women’s fault. If we had cared more about politics, we’d have gotten the right to vote sooner? Talk about wanting to smack someone through the phone lines.

    Anyway, that’s the typical male thing. Come up with some intrinsic trait to justify the ism, like oh, black people don’t need equal opportunities for education because they aren’t as smart.

    But the intrinsic traits that the men are pointing out either don’t exist at all, or they are the RESULT of discrimination, not the CAUSE.

    But we have actual documented proof that men are worse drivers than women. Yet another reversal. I grew up hearing the term “woman driver” all the time. Usually, someone would say, “Stupid woman driver,” but the perpetrator behind the wheel was actually a man. I loved pointing that out.

    This isn’t discrimination. This is business. People who are bad risks pay more. It’s the same in banking. Bad credit risks pay higher interest. Oh, as long as business benefits men, they’re all for it. As soon as it doesn’t, they cry foul.


  5. maggiel101

    Agree with all the comments so far. Disgrace.

    What I find really annoying also, is that women have been working hard to equalise discrimination laws for decades but once the menz cry discrimination!! everyone sits up and takes notice – immediately. Of course this has nothing whatsoever to do with insurance companies wanting more money.

    My blood boileth over and froths that my daughters have to pay more so that the menz can keep up their bad practices. That’s discrimination in my world!!


  6. FAB Libber

    Note too, that the ECJ were quick to move against this ‘sex discrimination’ whereby males (mainly due to their testosterone fuelled stupidity) pay more.
    It would be nice if the ECJ would rule/effect/address the 20% less wages that females get on average. This ‘equal pay’ thing has been on the books for decades, yet it still goes on.


  7. Jilla

    The other thing that stats prove, is that someone who buys the car on the left is not planning to obey the speed limit any more than absolutely necessary (and with expressed irritation). They didn’t buy transportation, but an extension of their dick. Stats show they will not treat the car with tender care because it has to last for many years, and transport owner and possibly children safely and reliably (sales point and oh noooo more discrimination–you can get more for your car because it was “ladee driven”.


  8. Sargasso Sea

    Back in the mid eighties my insurance jumped up 50 bucks overnight which was like a 30% increase. So I called my agent (we’ll call him Agent Prick) and I’m all wtf is up with THIS, man?

    Too many women applying make-up while driving and subsequently crashing.

    So I asked him if only women were getting this humongous rate hike and he said yes, of course, whaddareya stupid? Men don’t wear make-up. So I said: Well, I’m a woman and I don’t wear make-up yet I have to pay this outrageous *chick tax* on top of the grossly inflated rates I already pay as a teen girl driver to subsidize CRAPPY ASS BOY drivers.

    Agent Prick admitted that had never thought about it before and by golly, I was right! It is kinda unfair! For women! We got along better after that



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