It’s so unfaiiiir: Rape fodder should pay too!!!

Following on from the car insurance premiums post, I decided to read some of the comments from the CiF post, one precious little gem caught my eye immediately!

1 March 2011 12:14PM

Maybe the Court could look into the shameless gender discrimination employed by night clubs as well.

Just last week, I went to a club in central London together with a number of young ladies. They were waved through the door with no charge, but I was made to pay £10.00! I commented to the bouncer on the door that this was no different from the disgraceful behaviour which had led to the dismissal by Sky sports of Richard Keys and that fat bloke (whose name I can’t remember).

Whilst this ruling is in my view a step in the right direction, I look forward to the day when half the population of this country are not subjected to such terrible treatment at the hands of the entertainment industry.

Everyone (well, most peeps anyway) know that reduced door tariffs, ‘ladies free nights’ and ‘ladies free drinks night’ are all about getting more females through the door.

Radical feminists know that these tactics are not just to get these young women through the nightclub door, but to get them pissed-up to become rape fodder as well.

So, the nerve!!! of the situation when rape fodder get discounts or freebies – dammit, they should be honoured to be rape fodder, and they should bleedin’ well pay for the privilege!

I think that “footienut” should immediately make a complaint to the ECHR to address this infringment of his hooman rights. It’s just not faiiiiiir.

4 thoughts on “It’s so unfaiiiir: Rape fodder should pay too!!!

  1. Jilla

    I do luv it. Because it’s sadly true. And I want to stand at the door and wave that guy’s comment around LOOK this is the kind of guy that comes here, is this what you’re aiming for? and then in the other hand LOOK this is why he comes. They won’t pay any attention to me.


  2. FAB Libber

    There is a nightclub in my regional (largish) town. It also frequently hosts Lads Mag sponsored/themed events/nights. The number of rapes that result from that place is well known both to the cops and local rape support services, but not to the female patrons. Lambs to the slaughter.

    Another rad and I went in there one night (she was young, I was a bit muttony) to raise awareness with some discrete activism. You could see the dudes were really just waiting around until the YW were drunk enough to pick them off, one by one.

    You can see all of this stuff when you are an outside observer.

    Very much a daterape nightclub culture these days. Was nowhere near as bad when I was a young’un. And I used to party pretty hard back in the day.

    ETA: The night we went on our covert mission was women got in free, and had half price drinks before 9 (thereby encouraging them to come in early, stay longer, consume more alcohol).


  3. Jilla

    There’s a particularly bad one near me. The young women are so beautiful (if somewhat tarty their natural beauty is still evident) exquisitely groomed and turned out, and the men look like they’re just off the rigs.


  4. FAB Libber

    Yes, same here (but, dudes straight from whatever job, be it blue/white collar).
    Even in the dead of winter, those YW are still wearing the shortest of skirts, no stockings or tights. brrrrrr



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