The private thread

OK, by popular demand, I moved the original ‘Haters !’ thread to private, and created a copy.

I think I have emailed the active players from thread gone to private. If I have missed you, then leave message for me to email you here on this thread if you don’t have my addy.

Any other regulars are welcome to ask for the p/w

4 thoughts on “The private thread

  1. Jilla

    Anyone? VP?

    Do men have to do those tests where you drink a couple litres of water before the ultrasound you, or is this a special torture they’ve developed for women?


  2. Mary Sunshine

    Jilla, I think it depends on what they’re US’ing you for. If it’s a uterine condition, then they need the full bladder. They did US on me for fibroids, & that was the case at that time.


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