Haters !

The opposite to love is NOT hate, it is indifference. Yet the word “haters!” gets bandied about at radfems more often than I have had hot dinners. Just because most radfems disagree with the trans ideology (and agenda), does not mean we “hate” them. Good gawd, are they five years old or something?

Generally we would be indifferent to trans, after all, each to their own. It is only when trans ideology works against much of what we are fighting, then it becomes an issue for us.

At most, you could call us “territorial”, in wanting to keep some spaces as FAAB-only spaces. One specific issue I have on the M2T entering FAAB-only spaces is that the transactivists want to include as many dudes as possible under that banner, even if they have a penis.

But, a lot of this name-calling is projection. Yep, projection. Radfems don’t go around calling trans/transactivists “radhaters” or “radphobic” or anything else. The most they have ever been called (probably by me) is “idiots”. Just a tad milder than “haters”, and IMHO, more accurate and fact-based.

Take Twisty’s response to the mega-trans thread:

Holy shit, there sure is a bunch of hatas what comment on this blog. I was invited by some of them to quit calling myself a radical feminist, since the definition of radical feminism is, apparently, “a branch of feminism based on hatred of transpersons.”

What, we dared disagree with the trans arguments and ideology, and now we are a bunch of haters? WTF indeed. I don’t recall the radfems shouting “radphobic haters” at every opportunity, nope, they didn’t. Plenty of “transphobic” comments from the pro-trans crowd though.

Is the trans ideology so damn fragile that it cannot take even a wiff of criticism? Apparently so, sisteren.

There is plenty of evidence to show which side of the fence is doing all the hating, and it ain’t anti-trans radfems. We aren’t the ones wishing death, painful or otherwise, or rape or torture to our opponents.

All I can say is that it is business as usual, for FAABs to be shouted down and silenced for expressing their views.

ps: I could not really decide which graphic to go with, both had their relevant points.


7 thoughts on “Haters !

  1. FAB Libber

    This is the public version, which is the same post as the original.
    But the conversation thread was voted to go private, so private it became.


    1. FAB Libber

      Blue, you weren’t the only anti-transer that got ‘stuck in mod’ (which begs the question if there was modding going on or not). There were a number of anti-trans rads that did not make it through either, Undercover Punk, you, myself are the ones I know of, and I am sure there would be others. So, certainly the anti-trans pov remained grossly outnumbered.

      Again I ask:
      Is the trans ideology so damn fragile that it cannot take even a wiff of criticism?


      1. joy

        No ‘cuz that is HAAAAATE!
        Hate (or criticize, which is the same as hate!!!) what someone does means hate what someone IS!!!

        (Ironic, no, after Jill-T wrote those articles mocking the very principle of “what I do = what I am”; I believe the article was called “My unique sense of style reflects who I individually am” or something.)


  2. ball buster

    Ok, I’m not going to hit like and wander away again. Thanks for reposting this. I was wondering what it was about.

    Yep, same old accusations of hate and stupidity. Like we haven’t heard this before from the mainstream consciousness. You’re a hater, and stupid, so I don’t have to listen to what you say, ect. Same shit different day. Nothing novel to behold, just more ear plugging into “lalalalalalala” land.

    “Good gawd, are they five years old or something?”

    FTW! No doubt, they need to grow the fuck up, don’t they?


    1. FAB Libber

      Same shit different day.

      Yes indeed. I still find it perplexing (well, not actually) that radfems and their anti-trans, anti-porn, anti-pozz views are shouted down at EVERY opportunity. If we were ‘a bunch of nutters, way off the mark and without a grasp of reality’ then malestream would totally ignore us. We would not have to put up with the insults, the death/rape threats, and being shouted down at all costs.

      Which means, we are RIGHT ON THE MONEY about all of this stuff, including trans, including porn, including piv.



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