Solution to the gender binary

Feminists have been complaining for decades about the gender binary – the gender roles that XXs and XYs are funnelled into, the supposedly innate behaviours of the sexes. The reason why we moaned about it was that XXs got lumbered with the really shitty end of the deal. And no, I don’t consider “looking pretty” one of the perks. Rather the opposite.

So in this new topsy-turvy age of ‘sex positive feminism’ (aka the pozzies), androgny, kink, trans-sexuals, cross-dressers and everything else under the sun, all of whom think they are very very edgy and think the radfems are a bunch of hairy-legged prudes.

Instead of getting rid of ‘gender’ (as in gender roles) as the radfems suggested, this bunch came up with the solution!

Let’s have lots of genders! Genders, genders and, more genders than you can poke a stick at!

You know, like androgynist trans that are bisexual, or heterosexual cross-dressers, assexuals, pansexuals or any number of combinations of appearance plus sexual preferences.

Except, if I may be the party pooper on this one, all of these “genders” are not the gender roles that feminists first described, they are how you want to dress plus who you want to fuck (or don’t).

It boils down to a lot of hip labels for sex positivism, and does not offer up any actual solution to the gender role stereotypes which are still promoted. In fact, all these trendy new “genders” probably aren’t even known outside teh partay zone. Meanwhile, patriarchy persists in trying to convince females that they love the colour pink and want lots of baybees.

It is all another clever way to hide what still goes on, and to dismiss radfem concerns about gender roles. Plus, if I may add, I really don’t give a damn who you are fucking, or the silly dress-ups you want to do it in.

ETA: Further reading on the gender binary and the prescribed female/male gender roles at VeganPrimate’s.

3 thoughts on “Solution to the gender binary

  1. veganprimate

    Ah, gee. Thanks for linking to me. I don’t think I expressed myself well, though. Other people are much better at the trans arguments than I am.

    The thing that strikes me is: what’s so wrong with the words “man” and “woman? And what’s wrong with “straight,” “gay,” and “bisexual.” That pretty much covers everything.

    Another thing I just thought about this morning is that calling people transphobic just b/c they won’t accept that a man is a woman is analagous to a black person coming up and saying, “The world is flat.” And then you say, “No, it isn’t. That’s factually incorrect. The world is round.” And then the black person says, “You’re racist.”

    Men cannot become women just by feeling that way or by surgically altering their genitals. Being passionately committed to the truth and to reality has nothing to do with being transphobic. But if they can make it seem like a personal thing, they can bring their feelings into it, and then if they are upset, we get the blame for being big, bad radfems.

    My mother (among other people I know) does that. She makes some irrational claim about something. I challenge her on it. She gets backed into a corner, knows she is wrong, but it would involve shifting her entire paradigm and she can’t fathom how to even start doing that, so she gets either angry or upset and cries. Then I’m the bad guy for making my mom cry. I refuse to shoulder that blame. My mom obviously cannot use reason to argue effectively, and that’s not my fault. She’s using emotion to try to win, and it doesn’t work.


    1. FAB Libber

      Men cannot become women just by feeling that way or by surgically altering their genitals.

      At the end of the day, this “feeling like a woman” and surgical alteration is adherence to gender, the gender roles as patriarchy defined them. 99%-odd of humans are born either male or female, it’s a fact, a biological fact, just accept it. The gender roles are complete and utter bullshit, there are loads of women who are great at maths, read maps, don’t want baybees, and there are men (albeit fewer) that are in touch with feelings, emotional, liked playing with dolls and whatever else is supposed to be prescribed to females. This is what feminists have been saying for decades, the gender roles are bullshit.

      What pisses me off is that tranz and their supporters make out that transitioning etc is so edgy and groundbreaking, but it’s not, it upholds the gender roles that each sex looks/behaves/feels in certain ways. On an individual basis, I don’t really care how someone dresses or alters themselves, it is when they promote it to others that it becomes political, then it becomes my business. Primarily it is the stuff that affects FAAB women that I am concerned about. FAAB-only spaces, DV shelters etc. I am very pissed off that the UK Govt will issue new birth certifications without the requirement for SRS (not that I approve of SRS, but having someone with a penis in a FAAB-only space is intolerable). The bit of paper saying you are “F” whilst packing a penis is not worth the paper it is written on.

      Also, a lot of male-trans that think they are women really have no idea what it is like to be a woman. They are shocked at the sexism, harassment, lower pay and everything else that comes with being a woman, then go on to bleat that it is transphobia.


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