Female: Now with willies!

Yes, in the UK, it is legal to be classed as female (not just ‘woman’) even if you have a penis and testicles! All sanctioned by the UK Government because it is possible for anyone (approved by the Gender Recognition Panel) to apply for a new birth certificate in their new “gender” and name.

From the UK Deed Poll website:
Changing the gender on your Birth Certificate

The name and gender on your birth certificate can only be changed once your full legal status has been confirmed by the Gender Recognition Panel.

In order to apply for this you must prove that:

1. You suffer from, or have suffered from gender dysphoria
2. You have been living in your acquired gender for the last two years
3. You intend on remaining in your new gender permanently

Providing your application for a Gender Recognition Certificate is successful, your amended birth certificate will be issued to show your new gender and name.

Ah, but it gets better! The first thoughts in your head may be; but if they are women, have been living as women, why shouldn’t they get recognised as women? Well, if your definition of ‘woman’ includes any human who ‘identifies’ as ‘woman’, with or without a penis, then you will probably be ok with it. I reserve the right to question your logic and brainpower though.

Back in Ye Olden Days, it was standard to put humans into two different categories, because most humans do fall into either on of those categories. This category was called SEX. The two options were Female or Male. They did this by looking between the legs of a newborn and declaring “It’s a ….” There were a tiny percentage of newborns that did not fit neatly into either category, and more often than not, they assigned them “female”. Hence we radfems now have the term “Female Assigned At Birth” or FAAB/FAB. This is to be inclusive of those intersex persons who were declared female and raised as girls.

Now, this all harks back to SEX categories. Sex categories for mammals are female or male, and the assessment is based on which reproductive function the mammal has, or is assumed to have (as some mammals/humans can be sterile for a variety of reasons). But actual reproductive capabilities are not always obvious by sight (hence fertility tests for humans later in life). By and large though, most humans are fertile. And by and large, most can easily be assigned female or male at birth.

Skip forward to the 21st Century, oh what fun. We now have this mysterious essence called “gender”. It is mysterious apparently, because, according to trans-activists and supporters, there are “many genders”. Back in the latter 20th Century, feminists discussed “gender roles, based on biological sex”. Gender roles, or sex roles, were based on the perceived differences of what fe/male humans like/do, because of their biological sex. Girls apparently, all have a love of the colour pink. There are no basis for most of these gendered assumptions, and the offical radfem stance is that it is a load of made-up hooey. A societal construct that keeps patriarchy in place.

The concept of gender (as opposed to sex) allows for some persons to declare themselves the ‘other gender’. This is so they can do or behave in ways assigned to that other gender. Most often, it is males that declare that “they have always felt like a woman inside” and “my insides did not match my outsides!”. Again, with the radfem stance of gender roles being a load of hooey, we maintain that humans can do/behave any way they want to behave (as long as they are not hurting anyone else) regardless of their birth sex. Gender, just ain’t necessary. The sex category is really only relevant when you want to either get intimate with another human, or reproduce. The sex category is not relevant for things like pay scale. Duh! Except in practice, it is, with females on average still only earning around 80% of the male wage. Perhaps penises are expensive to maintain?

Now, for some reason, the UK Government has bought into this gender nonsense, and will issue new birth certificates not only with a (deed poll) legally changed name, but also your new “gender”.

You might say; oh, they are just using ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ interchangeably, and to a degree, yes they are. But, not completely! Because if you look at the conditions of passing the Gender Recogition Panel, you will see:

7. Can I apply for Gender Recognition if I have not had surgery for modifying sexual characteristics?
Yes. Surgery is not a prerequisite for obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Yes indeed, you can be declared “a woman” (and in the GRO’s and Deed Poll’s eyes, female). Not just woman, but female. And, you don’t even need Sex Reassignment Surgery to meet this low criteria either, so you can be both “female” and “woman” and still be packing meat and two veg.

You may well ask; what’s it to you if they aren’t hurting anyone? In certain situations, single-sex situations, it can be absolutely critical to maintain a clear and concise distinction of what female actually means. And that definition should not be allowed to include ‘someone with penis’.

Women can be quite vulnerable in certain situations. Somewhere like a women’s prison, they have no choice but to share facilities, female-only facilities, with someone with a penis. This can be traumatic for rape survivors, as well as adding the threat of PIV rape into the prison population. Many males will claim (terribly suddenly, post-conviction) that they are “really women” and should go to a women’s prison – primarily because they see a women’s prison as more relaxed.

Also vulnerable are women in domestic violence shelters. These women (frequently with children) are fleeing situations of abusive, and usually male, partners. Sometimes their domestic abuse also has included rape. The last thing they need reminding of is a male when they are trying to recover from domestic abuse. It again opens up the possibility of PIV rape if “women” with penises are allowed. Probably the biggest factor though, is for Muslim women. For their religious reasons, they are not permitted to share a dwelling with an unrelated male. It effectively closes the door to women’s shelters if adult males are allowed in, wearing a dress and some lippy just does not count.

Finally, hospital wards. There is a directive by the Government that the NHS should make all wards single-sex wards. This is in part due to sexual assault that has gone on within wards, and for privacy reasons. Note that the NHS have to make the wards single-sex and not ‘single-gender’. That’s right, single-gender sounds absolutely fucking stupid in that context, because the whole concept of gender (and gender redefining biological sex) is so fucking ridiculous.

I would perhaps have somewhat less of a problem with ‘sex’ reassignment on birth certificates if it required SRS, but it does not. Until that point, I can not accept ‘woman’ with a penis.

As an added note, transmen (who were FAAB). With regards to transmen, it is not the biological men (MAAB) that are in danger in the above scenarios, it is the transmen themselves. The FAABs remain the vulnerable category in a mixed sex scenario that confuses gender with sex, particularly as the criteria does not require SRS.

This post was an expansion of the comment that I made at FCM’s. My blog here is not available on search engines, but I don’t mind the blog owners where I comment (and have linked to) passing this URL onto known friendly radfems that regularly comment at their blogs.

29 thoughts on “Female: Now with willies!

  1. veganprimate

    Yea! You now have a blog! Just wanted to say you’re one of my favorite feminists online. I like the way your mind works. 🙂 And you never just go off and get weird and aggressive. You’re consistent. I like it.

    Anyway, I like this post. I am so over pomo it’s not even funny.


  2. FAB Libber

    And you never just go off and get weird and aggressive.
    Give it time. I *try* to behave myself commenting elsewhere.

    I read your blog too, shame you turn off comments on some of your posts, they are usually the ones I want to comment on. I have to satisfy myself with the ‘like’ button.


  3. FAB Libber

    Just for the record, I have not even read this post through to see if it even makes sense. More just me rambling out a thought train.

    Don’t expect fully formed essays here. Stream of consciousness stuff.


  4. kesechewan

    Of course. I knew that. Uh huh.

    While researching sex and gender this morn I found a DNA study where the authors used gender throughout, when they meant :”sex”, as in DNA tests establishe gender blah XX and blah etc. Oatmeal and fish erased my memory of that one, but:

    Here’s another: http://www.tellmepinkorblue.com/


    1. FAB Libber

      Tellmepinkorblue, well, with a name like that, they sure want to pigeonhole the kid in utero!
      * Sex Detection at 7 Weeks Post Conception
      * Scientific Gender Test Based on Fetal DNA
      * Prepare for Child Rearing Early
      * Begin Building Family Bonds

      I’d really like to see their “scientific gender test” LOL
      You can see where they are at with “prepare for child rearing early” – obviously never too early to force old fashioned sex stereotypes onto the kid.

      25 years ago I used to despair at the gendering of toys in the toyshop, it is about a 100 times worse now. They should have warning signs on toyshops now:
      “warning: gender stereotypes within store may cause adverse effects in radical feminists (or humans with any sense)”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sellmaeth

        Well, you obviously need to know in advance just how much effort you will have to put into raising the child to become a decent human being.

        After all, you have to be able to make an informed decision on whether you feel up to the challenge.


  5. kesechewan

    This is creepy, that it’s so boldly advertised and openly (I guess) sold.

    And what do they mean by “begin building family bonds”? It’s a boy! That other gender isn’t part of THIS family.


  6. veganprimate

    What would be the point in knowing your baby’s sex at 7 weeks? So you can get an abortion if it’s a girl? So daddy can know if he has to pretend to give a shit for the next few months or if he can just skip out now?

    I know it is possible to determine the sex of an embryo. So a woman undergoing IVF could potentially elect to have only the male embryos implanted.


    1. FAB Libber

      Well of course there are the sex-linked genetic disorders, however, that site seems far more concerned with pink and blue, sugar and spice, and pigeonholing the kid into a gender role more than anything else.

      So daddy can know if he has to pretend to give a shit for the next few months or if he can just skip out now?
      LOL. Probably (sadly).

      With regards to IVF, yes they can. I think I recall that more females are produced via IVF?


      1. sellmaeth

        Well, in theory this could be used for implementing what I shall now call the Papua New Guinea method.

        Not that anyone would do that, of course.


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  17. jilla

    You win.

    My what a lovely pingback lineup. How thoughtful of you to put goodies out for the visitors.


  18. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    It was a fundamental post. It probably has the most pingbacks of all.


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