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Transface, ironyface

Oh d’horror! Twanzface – a man pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman!

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My plan for World Peace

Here at TSF we, after long consideration of ten minutes, have developed The Plan for World Peace. It is brilliant in its simplicity!

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My problem with… misogynists

Self-confessed not-sane Apparently some people have a problem with radfems – who knew! But when those people are actually misogynists, pretending to be some kind of feminist, well then Houston, we have a problem.

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I’m not Les: A Transgender Story

A break with tradition where I do a serious post, proving I am not a 24/7 asshole. This is rather a sad transgender story, a half-hour documentary on the transition from Les to Sherri, at age 69, and now in … Continue reading

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No pleasing some people (or… I just want an easy million)

This twanz thing seems such a profitable gig, I may declare myself twanz just so as I can sue someone (kerching!) dammit I wants me some of that easy-dosh! I digress. Please have your industrial-sized sympathy tissues out for this … Continue reading

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The miracle of the reluctant tranny

Here in TwanzphobiaLand we are becoming accustomed to miracles – either the miracle of the beesting or just plain old spontaneous twanzformation from unheardof faux intersex condition.

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Space Invaders

We filed this under “whoopsies, tranz accidentally revealed their mission”, LOL. It came to my attention because Joshua Twitt used the graphic in his rapetastic follow-up post, to defend why he is entitled to have sex with lesbians. Before getting … Continue reading

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The Cotton Ceiling – now with more creep factor

I can just feel my cotton panties riding further and further up my bum-crack, with this latest offering from M2T Jos Truitt Twitt, writer at Feministing. It is the typical twanzplainin’ bullshit, but at its core is “dear gawd, what about … Continue reading

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Faux-intersexism breaks out in Denver

Five years ago, Steve Crecelius apparently went into hospital with kidney stones, and came out with a diagnosis of “woman”.

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Argentina – Land of Laydee Wangs!

The Argentinian Senate has just passed its new Gender Identity law, which is awaiting the sign-off from the President.

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