Laydeelike – or twanzmisogyny – you decide!

Gosh, I am having a hard time keeping to this twanzsquirrel hiatus thing, stuff just keeps happening which cannot be ignored. One post in the whole of November, then THREE now FOUR in just the first week of December!

Take the following example. Cathy Brennan, a well-known Lesbian Activist in the US LGBT circles and regular commenter at The Bilerico Project, was politely commenting on this thread, in which M2T commenter Katie Berger Tremaine couldn’t seem to ‘get’ the importance of protecting female-only spaces because of our unique biological vulnerability, as M2Ts are male-born, they just don’t seem to ‘get it’, yet have no trouble declaring their from-childhood love of the colour pink as proof of their internal-jendah of “womany”. So Cathy helpfully sent a link to Undercover Punk’s lastest post on the matter. And this is the response Cathy got from KBT:

That’s it. Just a link to UCP’s post, with a fairly polite and brief message. KBT – over-react much?

Well, apparently so, for soon after, this goes up on KBT’s wall (which also cross-posts on the same thread at Bilerico):

So apparently sending one link, relevent to a recent online discussion, is considered “stalking”. LOL, you have to just love the male-born, if they consider THAT as “stalking”. I hate to break it to this dude, but actual stalking requires more than one incidence of unwanted contact or following – not a single incident of someone sending you a link that you just don’t like.

But wait! It gets worse!

Joining the partay was some M2T-pretending-to-be-intersex* friend of KBT’s, by the name of Penny Marie Sautereau. PMS (mmm, unfortunate initials?) sent the following message to Cathy:

Charming. And terribly laydeelike too! A case of twanzmisogyny** if ever I saw one: “narrow-minded elitist cunt”. And PMS also has a bit of trouble with the concept of ‘stalkery harassment’. Sending just one link that your M2T friend doesn’t like, does NOT constitute stalking.

Of course this isn’t the first time such a wild accusation of “stalking” has been levelled at Cathy, just because online, she stands up for the rights of the female-born. Who can forget “Casebeergate” just a short while ago:

And yet Cathy remains polite online to these twanzjacktivists who would wish her harm or gruesome death (Monica Roberts is also in the Bilerico thread linked to above).

Of course, some of us have a really hard time believing that M2Ts like KBT and PMS are ‘women just like us’ when, at the slightest hint of disagreeing with them, they behave just like any other abusive male – they respond with misogyny and false accusations.

- – – – -

* M2T-pretending-to-be-intersex: There are a lot of these. I do not know one GENUINE INTERSEX who supports these twanzjacktivists, because the twanzjacktivists stomp all over intersex just as they do radfems.

** Twanzmisogyny: When an M2T behaves like any other regular misogynist dude, spewing misogyny at the female born and raised.

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29 Responses to Laydeelike – or twanzmisogyny – you decide!

  1. DaveSquirrel says:

    Has there EVER been any occasion whereby a radfem has called an M2T a “narrow-minded elitist cunt” or anything worse than: male-born, MAAB, or idiot?

    But, they feel entitled to hurl this misogyny at us, all the time.


  2. Sargasso Sea says:

    I do believe that I have *broad* brushed M2T with the with *vile* implication that they have some reading comprehension issues. Should I throw a “cock” in there somewhere?

    Also, is rolling your eyes considered exercise? :P


  3. DaveSquirrel says:

    Given their very loose definition of “stalking” (one event, politely sending a link relevant to an online conversation), “reading comprehension issues” (albeit TRUE) and throwing around their packing status (as I do), is considered WAR.

    But, I am an equal-opportunities “phobic”, in that I don’t tolerate the same stupidity and level of misogyny from regular dudes, so the dress notwithstanding is a bit of a non-issue with me.

    Time and time again, these dudes in dresses PROVE just how much like they are to regular dudes who aren’t in dresses. I just like to keep pointing this out. It dispels the myth that these dudes in dresses, supposedly ‘women/feminists just like us’, have far more in common with the average MRA. Because they ARE.


  4. twanzmooselike says:

    Talk about projection.

    Tranny minstrelizing of women, harassing and spewing hate-speech toward FAB bloggers is stalking modus operandi writ large.


  5. DaveSquirrel says:

    Indeed, it is what males and MRAs are very good at – REVERSALS. The thing they accuse women of, they are the guilty ones.

    CB was not stalking anyone (given one link in a PM) – yet the collective behaviour of the M2Ts in this, particularly the second one, would constitute harassment. The second one, does not even seem to be active on that thread, but he felt entitled to a misogynist rant nonetheless. Their combined effort would constitute partial stalking, but more accurately harassment.

    The really disturbing part about all this (and Casebeergate too) is that NONE of it occurred in the “heat of the moment” or “heat of online battle”. And what set-off these M2Ts was so frickin mild – Cathy remains polite but firmly holding the pro-FAB position – and these dudes go right off the deep end.


  6. Nicky says:

    As a Genuine biological born Intersex person, No intersex person accepts an M2T as an intersex person. Vast Majority of intersex people and intersex groups don’t even accept them M2T as one of them and try their hardest to distance them. Those that do including me, get hit, attacked, stalked and bullied by them for not accepting them or accommodating them. I have even seen some M2T resort to making attacking blog post about those who distance themselves from M2T such as these two M2T’s


    It just goes to show how, how much their Twanzmisogyny they commit and how they like to claim to be civil, but when there is one disagreement, they behave and attack people like ordinary men.


  7. FCM says:

    glad someone posted those. and whats with the accusations of “uncle tommishness”? is cathy brennan trans now, because shes a lesbian? the lesbian is always the last to know of her trans status apparently. and…gender nonconforming women from the 19th and early 20th centuries. :)


  8. Sargasso Sea says:

    Yeah, Fact! The Uncle Tom thing too.

    Jeezuz. :(


  9. Hecuba says:

    Whenever a man feels threatened by a woman’s logic he immediately reacts by hurling misogynsitic insults at her and at same time claims ‘he is the real victim!’

    Co-opting male supremacist (il)logic – this is just an isolated incident and therefore does not meet the definition of what supposedly encompasses stalking. It is just one male dressed in women’s clothing who has engaged in attacking a biological woman on-line. Men who dress in women’s clothing/claim to be women do not experience harassment or violence because they are not part of a group but just individuals. Change beginning of my last sentence to ‘women do not experience male harassment or violence because their biological sex is female, since male supremacy does not recognise women as comprising a group or class instead women are just individuals as men are.’


  10. mishmich says:

    Nicky, every time you post a link to my blog, people follow it and read it, and can make their own mind up about what I say there. When people visit by mlog, it leaves a record of where it is linked to from. So i can follow it back, and respond. Thank you for linking to my blog, although not for the reason you did it – to try and misrepresent me.

    I posted on Gallus’ site to thank her for linking to my blog on the so-called “trans-kids” issue. She did that because she thought what I had to say about that was very good. I also think what she had to say was very good as well. She posted a link to this, right next to links to Dreger and Jeffreys on the same issue:

    I quite like a lot of what of Gallus has to say, not so much Dave/Davina – which is more to do with style and tone, and occasional inaccuracy.

    I have yet to find much you say as being nearly as good as what I read in some of these blogs, yet I do notice your name crops up a lot on them these days, Nicky. Which is why I have put a post that is all about you on the main page of my blog, so that anybody who visits my blog through a link you have posted will know more about you.

    I hope the irony of Nicky posting on a thread about stalking is not lost on anybody.

    I have to ask myself, am I stalking Nicky? I don’t think so, as I am gathering material to share with people so they know more about him. Otherwise, I would rather not have anything to do with the guy. I find him just a little bit creepy, TBH.

    Mish (MAAB, MtT, biologically male, assigned male, signs of intersex in infancy, surgical and social gender reinforcement in childhood, legally transitioned as female in adulthood, blah blah blah)


  11. Nicky says:

    Yeap and they do the same thing to Intersex people as well. When men feel threatened by an intersex person’s logic and common sense. They always like to hurl insults, and then attack them by stalking, harassing and intimidating them where ever they go online. It’s a common trait that these male laydees like to do to women and intersex people.


  12. DaveSquirrel says:

    Well frankly, these laydees are completely indistinguishable from the average MRA.
    So that says it all really.
    NO – they are NOT one of us, just like us, and they prove it daily.


  13. Nicky says:

    How do you tell the difference between an M2T and a MRA and which is the worst out of the two.


  14. fmnst says:

    Ok, first, huge props to Dave for your wonderful, hilarious web site. When I first came here, there were tears rolling down my face with laughter. And thank you for this illuminating post. I’ve seen this behavior before. Men who dress like women, but when they are called out on their general sexism or transmisogyny revert to acting all man.

    Ok, now I do have to ask for clarification on Penny, who claims having a uterus and penis. Can someone fill me in on how this person isn’t intersex? I don’t know enough about intersex, or this person to know any otherwise.



  15. DaveSquirrel says:

    1) one wears a dress (publicly at least)
    2) tough call, brain goes into infinity loop on that one –

    MRAs call us cunts
    M2Ts call us cunts

    Really, what is the difference?
    If there is a difference, other than clothing, I really am not seeing it.


  16. Nicky says:

    So their is no difference other than the common theme for them is to invade, co-opt and erase women and intersex people. It’s just their methods that are different. I think also is their methods they like to use to attack women and intersex people.


  17. When white people use to ‘blacken ‘ their faces and pretend to be ‘black people’, over time the public could see the racism and the sickening pretence and the practice was stopped for the sham that it was.

    When men dress up in ‘womens sexist cultural attire’, ‘daub their faces with lipstick and stuff’, they pretend to be ‘women’ with the claim that ‘they’ are womon!
    But like ‘blacked up faced white people’, WHO ARE NOT Black, men who wear the mask of what is deemed ‘womon’, ARE NOT WOMEN . They are merely men culturally dressed-up to look like womon without the biology or the lived experience.

    SCUM the lot of them……


  18. LOL ‘I feel like a squirrel, there for you am’
    I feel like a sherman tank…..blah blah…..
    It is all i-logic from the menz can never understand why more womon are not insulted by these assholes in the same way the Black activists worked to erradicate the ‘ blacked up faced white menz”????????????


  19. DaveSquirrel says:

    Wow, just got a bunch of new commenters out of mod – rather unexpected as I am officially on “twanzsquirrel over-wintering” and only the most dedicated of followers seem to read here now.

    I quite like a lot of what of Gallus has to say, not so much Dave/Davina – which is more to do with style and tone, and occasional inaccuracy.
    Well, I have the sads on now. My widdle clip on tail has gone all droopy with sads.

    Ok, first, huge props to Dave for your wonderful, hilarious web site.
    Ah, that’s better. Twanztail has gone back into happy mode.

    @ WFW –


  20. Nicky says:

    Frankly, Mishmich you are stalking and bullying like a MAN and since your a M2T-pretending-to-be-intersex, It just goes to show how pathetic and Manly you really are. Also, you stalk, harass and bully like a MAN despite you pretending to be a Laydee. It quite so funny that you like to claim to be a Laydee with Radfems, lesbians and women, but you know what. At least Radfems, lesbians and women know the difference between an M2T and an Intersex person. They know that you are a Laydee pretending to be Intersex and know you are MAN who stalks, harass, bully and intimidate people like a MAN.


  21. twanzmooselike says:

    Another cross-dressing male with his invented girly childhood dilemma.


  22. twanzmooselike says:

    Definitely a stalker Nicky.:

    Here, I found this somewhere:

    “Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted and obsessive attention by an individual or group to another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person and/or monitoring them via the internet. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.

    According to a 2002 report by the National Center for Victims of Crime, “Virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking.”[1]


  23. Nicky says:

    Mishmich is definitely a stalker and by his actions dose constitute stalking that affects not only women, but everyone as well. It shows that Mishmich is a M2T laydee who stalks, bullies and intimidates people like a Man.


  24. mishmich says:

    OK, first, I agree that the information about ‘slapping’ and Casebook contained in the original post was appalling, and people that say things like that are a disgrace to any community, including the trans community. In OII, we never tolerated anything like that.

    Second, if my post seemed like stalking, I apologise for that, it was not my intention. It was constructed as a response to Nicky posting links to my blog on three sites, which were traced back to their origins, and appeared incorrect in some details. The information was gathered quite easily and quickly by doing a search on the name of two of his old blogs, using Google and the Wayback Machine.

    Now I have a trickle of visitors from these three sights.

    I am happy to take down the links I posted if people don’t appreciate them – and say sorry to Nicky for being so petty – if the links and associated posts by Nicky are also taken down.


  25. Nicky, I was on Mishmichs blog and it doesn’t seem that he is stalking or harrassing people. In fact he is critizising the trans community and even you – but not in a hatefull way. Hate isn’t going to help anyone. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die from.


  26. Nicky says:

    Mishmich has and is stalking as defined as ““Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted and obsessive attention by an individual or group to another person.” Also bullying and harassing as well. It’s no different because Mishmich is a M2T laydee who lashes out like an abusive man and attacks like a man to anyone who disagrees with M2T’s or M2T-pretending-to-be-intersex.


  27. DaveSquirrel says:

    mishmash and nicky, please take it elsewhere. My blog is not a host for that.

    As for the comment (doomed to be forever in mod due to TL;DR) from Ila Grace Sharik – make a concise comment and try again. Life is too short to read fucking essays disguised as comments.


  28. mishmich says:

    OK Davina, your point is taken. Thanks for allowing me to respond.


  29. flowirin says:

    i feel like i should dislike you, since i’m one of those m2t people you deride so much.
    yet. you are really funny and quite neatly point out an awful lot of nonsense.


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