Tootsie of the Week: Monica Speight

We don’t know much about Monica Speight, but apparently he likes to photograph himself bigtime. No narcissism there, noooooo. But you can see that Monica has the framing “just perfect” for the photo, indeed that entire series of photos. Don’t give up your day job Monica.

This week’s Tootsie of the Week is more of a photo essay, to share the delights of Monica’s web album.

Here is Monica in a black dress, with a bow on it, how terribly feminine and laydeelike:

mmmm, pensive.

Of course, you are welcome to check out the rest of Monica’s stunning wardrobe, including ‘red top with jeans’, ‘leather mini skirt’ or more formally, ‘black business suit’.

But, let’s cut to the chase, we want to see racy pictures of Monica! Oh yeah baby, nothing says “sexxxay” like matching black underwear complete with black stockings and suspenders! Bring it on!

Whoops! If I can offer some unsolicited photographic advice, don’t set up the shot that will accentuate your clown feet! But, hubba-hubba nonetheless eh? But wait! There’s more!

wowser! And what’s that you are packing in your knickers Monica?
oh dear…

If you want to see more of Monica in all his delightful outfits, then visit:

(you will need picasa log in to view the many delights, apparently I had one from gawd knows how long back)

We have to give Special Mention in our Tootsie of the Week to Jasper.

You can see Jasper’s most boringful video at YouTube:

Jasper’s video had some difficulty in being embedded due to some identity crisis.  It could have been due to it not being a cis-youtube. Strangely, I got it to embed here, probably because Jasper wanted so badly to be Tootsie of the Week. Sadly, Jasper only gets a runner-up position. Now perhaps if Jasper were to loll about on a sofa in his black bra and knickers…

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32 Responses to Tootsie of the Week: Monica Speight

  1. FAB Libber says:

    If FCM asks me how Jasper’s trans-youtube actually embedded, I just don’t know!
    I pasted the viewing URL, and it just worked, instead of the square bracket stuff that is supposed to work here at WP. Go figure.


  2. jilla says:

    It’s set so they can track where it has embedded. Right in as far as I know. I guess to stop that you’d have to morph the link some way.


  3. jilla says:

    And Picasa will connect him to you, if you also have a Picasa, once you’ve used his link.


  4. FAB Libber says:

    It has been a long time since I have even bothered to log into youtube, so don’t know what the embedded tracking stuff would be all about. *shrug*

    No doubt he will be pissed that he only got runner-up this week. A couple of ear-rings and declaration that he is “a woman” really is not enough to make the grade. We have high twanzphobic standards here to uphold.

    I could offer to cut his dick off for him?


  5. FAB Libber says:

    The picasa link is a dead one.


  6. jilla says:

    Men are so sick: gay men, men/men, laydee/men.


  7. ball buster says:

    Now perhaps if Jasper were to loll about on a sofa in his black bra and knickers…

    I LOST IT when I read that. Hilarious! :)

    +10000 Jilla. Sickos and rape spankers, every last one of them.


  8. FAB Libber says:

    Now perhaps if Jasper were to loll about on a sofa in his black bra and knickers…
    I am half hoping that Jasper does track back the embedded youtube, if only to read that bit. LOL, I am totally evil.

    Jasper honeypie, I don’t care if you reckon you pink and purple lizard, just saying it on youtube won’t make it true…


  9. ball buster says:

    Fab, I could only make it through two minutes of that video before clicking off. It’s so full of condescending self congratulatory bullshit.

    LOL@ pink and purple lizard. I think I’d believe that before I believe his “identity” of being a woman.


  10. FAB Libber says:

    If Arnie can make an effort, so can Jasper:

    Jasper lost a lot of points in this week’s competition, due to his lazy womanliness.


  11. ball buster says:

    Haha yep! I noticed that he pointed out the “beard and all” thing.


  12. nhakram says:


    Seriously – HAHHAAHHAAH! This post and comment thread had me cracking up, I’m still giggling over the “high twansphobic standards”.

    (Ahem. Recent lurker, first-time commenter. Haven’t logged into WP in ages but just had to right now to express my hilarity/appreciation =)

    Oh and cis-youtube! Khhhhhhehehehee…. That was good. Thank you. Heh. Okay back into lurk mode for me!


  13. FAB Libber says:

    Hi nhakram, have I seen you comment elsewhere under a different screen name? I recognise your picture.


  14. FCM says:

    bahahahahaha! the clown feet thing was funny. arent they always complaining about how hard it is to get fuck-me stilettos in a size 17 or whatever? you would THINK this would cause them to be self-concious about thier monsterous clown-feet. but they arent. once again proving that they arent really women. DUH!


  15. FAB Libber says:

    Hey there FCM, you made it over here to Twanzphobic Central!
    That picture of the clown feet really cracked me up. It was essential that I put it in the post. :P
    I might also mention that his broad muscular shoulders did jackshit for the pinny-dress he was wearing. I also found the pinafore dress was more than a tad pedomorphic, GallusMag is right, and I will bet this dude also counts his ‘rebirth’ of himself as a ‘female’. Complete with his penis of course!


  16. veganprimate says:

    I must have missed this before. All I can say is, “Good God!” And don’t they have ways of strapping their peckers down so they don’t show through their knickers?


  17. veganprimate says:

    That video should have been titled, “This is what a mentally ill man looks like.”


  18. jilla says:

    Posing in the underwear of the women he tortured and murdered. Decorated Canadian Forces Air Command Colonel Russell Williams, who was chosen to fly HRH Queen Elizabeth II during her last visit to Canada. Led the Canadian forces in Afghanistan for a time, was head of Canada’s largest military air base at the time of his underwear collection career.


  19. FAB Libber says:

    And don’t they have ways of strapping their peckers down so they don’t show through their knickers?

    Oh yes indeedy, it is called “a gaff”.
    Quite cheap, considering the prices of the other paraphernalia in bizzaroland.


  20. FAB Libber says:

    Ah yes, I remember that dude Williams, well creepy.
    Such a *surprise* that transactivists haven’t been fighting for ‘his rights’ and stuff.
    Nice posterboy for their supposedly harmless crossdressing fetish.
    Article is here:


  21. FCM says:

    about jasper, polly used to talk about him and she pointed out that he is the ONLY ONE, or a very small minority of these genderqueers/trans etc who DONT conflate sex and gender. which is actually a step up, at least in the logic department, seeing as how the heart and soul of the trans/genderqueer stuff is SUPPOSEDLY the belief that sex and gender are different (DUH!) but most trans dont actually believe their own alleged beliefs, since they believe that when we call them SHE that we are referring not only to their “preferred gender” but to their SEX too. call them SHE and they are happy enough, until you point out that they are still either male-bodied or eunuchs (or both! all eunuchs ARE male-bodied, DUH). then they go through the freaking roof! hahahaha! try it sometime, srsly. its fun.

    but anyway…being a step up doesnt help jasper in the long run though, since GENDER ISNT FUCKING REAL and he acts as if it is. so yeah, he still loses. BUT at least he doesnt conflate sex and gender!!11!1! right? right?


  22. maggie says:

    I don’t think ‘Monica’ has put in years of academy training in ‘femaleness’. Those underpants are twuuleee awful. Clown feet giveaway.

    Really nice of Jasper to point out his beard cause I’d never have noticed. Got fed up with his mansplaining after about a minute.

    I love ‘Tootsie of the Week’. I want it to have a regular TV spot. Sigh.


  23. Selah says:

    noooo, Jasper has gone to the dark side :(

    I ran across his blog several years ago and he actually was fighting the good fight against the trans monopoly over gender and sex discussions. I left his blog when he started in about brain sex… and apparently this is where he ended up.

    How very depressing, seriously.


  24. nhakram says:

    hey fab libber – yes i’ve been commenting on twisty’s blog as N/A trying to get to the bottom of the “femaleness” thing, along with selah. for the good of radfems worldwide!

    other than that i’ve been mainly lurking on a lot of radfem blogs which i know is a bit creepy but hopefully not neck-breather-creepy =) still absorbing a lot of stuff and it’s like an antidote to the patriarchal madness of real life.

    anyway will continue to lurk, and occasionally comment on the hilarity of your twansphobia!!1! (ftw – just writing that makes me giggle) if that’s cool with you.


  25. FAB Libber says:

    Ah, another refugee from IBTW. Good to know.


  26. Selah says:

    well hello nhakram-slash-N/A, nice to see you on a blog that hasn’t completely lost the plot!


  27. nhakram says:

    selah, i can’t believe how patient you’re being – i just lost it to shits-and-giggles when one of the commenters demanded to know YOUR definiton of “femaleness”, as though you’d had one secretly stashed away in your fanny pack just waiting to pounce out with a ROAAAR! heh heh heh.

    i wonder to what degree monica up there embodies the ideal phenotype of female? or even male for that matter…


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  30. allecto says:

    C’mon – Jasper rilly deserved a Tootsie of the weak award!!! you are sooo mean for only giving ‘her’ a runner up prize, that vid was entertaining and clearly took hours of work to produce!


  31. I am a Big Meanie.
    That’s m’ job!


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