Jendah – explained in one brilliant graphic

Yes. That is what it is, and that is why jendah (or more correctly, jendah roles) were created. It was never about individual expression, quite the opposite, class or caste conformity, and to exploit one group of people (female). As an aside, I wish I knew who did the graphic, I would credit you! Found via Wipeout Misogyny.

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More from the TJMSU Department! (twanzbaybees)


For those not in the know, TJMSU is Twanz Just Making Shit Up (Department).

Baybees, dear gawd, won’t anyone think of the twanz baybees, coercively assigned a jendah at birth? (CAJAB) First, go read the article…. it’s ok, I’ll wait….

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Tootsie of the Week: No-change “Vikki”


We have been a little lax of late, neglecting our Tootsies! Most of our readers will have noticed the massive differences in the photos above; 2009 baseball cap and wearing black to 2014 flower in hair and pastel pattern. Oh, some lippy! Apart from that, nosomuch.

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Why TERFs are good, and should NOT DIAF


Just another day at the office. Of course, transgenderists and their supporters *insist* TERF is not used as a slur! The above screenshot from Terf is a slur on tumblr.

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DML 2014 – the twagic tale of invisible twanzlaydees


Yes! Those twanzlaydees are ever so stealthy! Just look at the evidence:

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TwanzKids !


It’s totally ossum that twanzjacktivists want to recognise the ‘sacred inner jendah identiah’ of children, and put them on a life-long course of drugs and treatments in order to recognise their inner jendah. (hey No.3 you loser, no one wants to BE Robin! get a fucking clue!)

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Some not-so-random misogyny


…from an M2T, why are we not surprised?

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