A LOLSOB moment from the twanzqueer politics


Most Ironic Comment of this Century

Coming out of the daily barrage of insults hurled at radfems, comes this little gem – where one really does not know whether to laugh, cry, or maybe both at the same time.

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Most Oppressedest Tootsie of the Week: whoops, wrong laydeeface Forbes!


James Jennifer Pritzker – mostest oppressedest twanzwoman

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Jendah-crit lesbian blogger shut down by friends of laydee



Last Friday, gender-critical lesbian blogger Gallus Mag got locked out of her WordPress blog (at the time of writing, Monday, this is still the case).

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Transface, ironyface


Oh d’horror! Twanzface – a man pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman!

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The Big List of Twanzphobes – definitive


Last night’s Oscars, could they have beeeeen any more twanzphobic?

No! So obviously, every twanzphobe everywhere must be called out for their twanzphobia. And probably DIAF whilst they are at it. Because: twanzphobia. That is reasons.

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My plan for World Peace


Here at TSF we, after long consideration of ten minutes, have developed The Plan for World Peace. It is brilliant in its simplicity!

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The twagic tail of the twanzbillionaire


Yes, this post is gunna be about MEEEEEEE!

You see, I am not only a twanzsquirrel, but also a twanzbillionaire too. Yet everyone treats me like a human female with modest means.

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